1987 Dodge Colt DL 1.5 2BBL from North America


Good Daily Commuter


Nothing major so far.

The only thing I have had to replace is a broken shift cable for the automatic shifter.

General Comments:

I brought this car because it was small and seemed like it would be a good run around car. So far it has performed well without any major problems, knock on wood! The only draw back is with the car being carburated, so you get some serious lack on acceleration during the initial take off. Once you get moving past 35 miles per hour the car is actually pretty peppy for only having a 68HP engine in it, but the gas mileage is not all that I expected, but I also blame this on the carburetor too. The engine mounts appear to be worn so the car vibrates until it is warmed up, but I can live with that. The interior and exterior was taken very good care of and is in great condition and the car rides pretty well for such a small compact car. The only draw back is it does not handle bumpy roads well.

Overall for $950.00 the car appears to be a good deal, but I am currently looking to sell it to buy something with more room. This car is a excellent car for a student or someone who is looking for a compact car.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

19th Mar 2005, 18:20

I 2 have 1 and I love it.

1987 Dodge Colt from North America


Tow truck bait


Everything imaginable went wrong with this car. The day after we left the dealership it died. Turned out to be the starter. On the way home from the service dept. it died again. That time it was the carburetor. This car spent more time on tow trucks than it did in our driveway.

All said in the 4 years we owned it we had to repair:

3 carburetors.

8 brake jobs including rotors, pistons, drums. It never needed just pads. It was a total rebuild every 6 months!

2 starters.

3 or 4 fuel pumps.

2 valve covers.

New tires every 12000 miles.

Distributor system, not just the cap, but the entire workings.

Windows all leaked, including windshield as well as doors and hatch.

Countless hoses, belts, & wires.

The engine blew at 87000 miles, and we danced for joy right there alongside the expressway where it took it's own life.

As for integrity, every part imaginable hardware part broke inside the car. This included:

Gear shift.

Sun visors.

Seat belt locks.

Door handles.

Seat release.



General Comments:

If you look in the dictionary under "lemon" you see this cars picture.

I honestly cannot think of a worst car or experience I have ever had.

It was small, uncomfortable, and notoriously broke down whenever we would need it the most.

It always stalled on left hand turns, or whenever you'd push down the gas pedal at a traffic light or stop sign.

I felt guilty for donating the carcass to charity.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003

23rd Jan 2004, 21:23

I agree with this review. I had a similar experience with my Dodge Colt as well. I believe it had less that 20,000 miles on it when the entire fuel system needed replacement.

I remember, too, that the seat belts never worked correctly. Knobs easily fell of things like the radio and heater controls. The dashboard split wide open on a sunny day.

I definitely have to agree that Dodge Colts are not worth it.

31st Jul 2004, 03:15

I have a 1987 dodge colt and the only thing I've done to it as far as repair is rebuild the carb, install new clutch kit, and c.v. joints and it has 200,000+ on it... i think it was a good deal for$200.00!

1987 Dodge Colt DL Hatchback 1.6 carb from North America


Tough but flimsy


New clutch at 125,000 miles.

Totaled in a crash shortly after.

General Comments:

This car did everything well! Comfortable, great handling, cheap to run; BUT the body's a bit flimsy; someone hit me head on in a Caravan at less than 20 MPH (on 5" of snow) and the Colt was totaled; the Caravan was barely dented.

I might still be driving it otherwise. Then again, that thin metal might have rusted.

Note; this car was made by Mitsubishi, not Chrysler.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2001

11th Aug 2002, 19:10

This car owner complained about issues that are the DRIVER'S fault, NOT the car's. For example, the clutch. Maybe if the driver used it correctly, it wouldn't have needed to be replaced. Also, 120,000-plus miles on a clutch is pretty good. I do not view this comment as a legitimate complaint. Some drivers would view this as a selling point (going that far on a clutch).

Ditto on the crash. Getting hit head-on at almost 20 mph is actually a pretty hard crash. That this driver did not mention any injuries speaks to the fact that this car is very safe -- NOT "flimsy." There are NO specifics on when the accident happened, or what exactly was damaged. I assume that with an older car like this, almost any damage would total it out just based on insurance standards.

So again, these are NOT legitimate complaints. In both cases, the "negatives" are actually positives: the clutch lasted longer than some cars' engines, and a bad accident resulted in no noteworthy injuries. Hurray for the Colt!

25th Sep 2003, 00:07

I wrote the original review, and in response to the first comment;

1.Clutch. I agree, 125,000 miles on a clutch is good- if it was the original. Either way, I didn't blame the car- but it wouldn't be a truthful review if I didn't mention it.

2. Crash. I said "less than" not "almost" 20 MPH. That's only known because over 20 MPH the other car's aribag would have gone off. For the record it was after dark and seriously snowing.

No, I don't blame the car for those things.

1987 Dodge Colt 1.5 from North America


Great value for its price


My head gasket failed at 35,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car handles extremely well. It can turn on a dime.

But no one who is 6ft or above can sit in the rear seats.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

1987 Dodge Colt DL 1.5 L from North America


1. Premature failure of valve seals at approximately 75,000 km.

2. Bearing seal failure created a serious oil leak.

General Comments:

1. Noisy heater fan.

2. High large windows make for a hot car in the summer....should have air-conditioning.

3. Very large trunk for a sub-compact!

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Review Date: 25th January, 1998