1975 Dodge D100 Club Cab from North America


I love it!


Fuel gauge.

Rusted wheel wells & floors.

General Comments:

Quiet 318.

Shifts smoothly.

Power steering noisy.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2012

1975 Dodge D100 Custom 5.2 from North America


Most reliable truck I've ever had..


T-bone wreck bent up the front core support and right fender. I replaced the fender, but the core is too bent up to look straight.

Floor board rust, patched with "monkey-poop".

Bottom of both doors rusted out, replaced 'em both, except now the passenger outside door latch doesn't work. Passenger window won't crank either

Oil pressure gauge needs replacing.

Radio doesn't work.

Windshield starting to delaminate after 30 years (foggy edges)

General Comments:

New Process four speed works and feels like the old truck I learned on.

Starts, Stops, Turns and Drives reliably.

The old bench seat is as comfortable as you might expect (Not)

It's got an old-fashioned trailer kit on it (no receiver) but with that granny-gear, I could pull my house down.

Lovely mileage (up to 14 mpg downhill, idling with a tailwind, usually about 11 mpg)

Fashion statement during my commute ("Stay the *** out of the way, this guy might be crazy, and definitely doesn't care about minor dings and dents")

Glad she was sitting there ready to go into service when my commuter car got wrecked.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2004