1978 Dodge D100 225 cu. in. slant-6 from North America


Great truck, very dependable


It was my uncle's truck that he had for many years. After he had kids, he stopped using it and doing general care on it, causing some rust, but there is very little considering it sat for 55 years.

Radiator started leaking at 400,104 miles.

Needed new passenger door from an accident.

Needed new transmission at 200,100 my uncle said.

General Comments:

The car is very dependable and hard to break. It rusted for many years, but after getting off most of the rust and cleaning the truck, it needed very little work considering the age.

Loud and the handle isn't great, but overall it is a very good truck that always starts and gets me were I need to go.

Also, it doesn't go very fast, but for the engine size, it is nice.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2010

1978 Dodge D100 Adventurer 400 from North America


It's a very good product, and I have bought other Dodges (2008 Grand Caravan)


I blew the 360Ci engine 3 times (my bad).

Currently I am doing a ground up restoration, which has taken me 17 years to 95% complete.

General Comments:

The truck is in primer stage, so it won't be much longer to completion.

I don't know how quick it is yet, but it should scat a little.

This was my first Dodge D100 pickup w/6' fleet-side bed and I thoroughly love it, especially with the bench bucket seats.

I have found it very hard to find parts such as interior door trim and front grill... ezduzitt@cogeco.ca

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

31st Jan 2014, 17:29

What are "bench bucket seats"?

1978 Dodge D100 Explorer V8 from North America


Good vehicle that will run for years and years


Replaced fuel pump at 85,000 (was original).

Replaced plug wires & distributor at 85,000 (was also original).

Fuel Gauge does not work, was in that condition when purchased.

Rust on wheel wells.

General Comments:

This vehicle's issues in my case all seem to have stemmed from previous owner neglect. Most of the offending parts were original making them 27 years old!

It seems to have all the power you need and then some.

Has mid range gas mileage ranging from 12-15 depending on driving conditions and load. I also had a utility box put on in place of the bed and it seems to have effected the gas mileage significantly which is to be expected.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005

1978 Dodge D100 360 from North America


A gas guzzler bargain


Electricical system.

Bad gas mileage.

The booster for the power brakes went causing poor motor and brake control

The main problem with it is the electrical system, the battery wouldn't charge well, lights would flicker, I traced the problem to the power wire that goes to the amp gage in the dash, over the years it gets loose so all I had to do is short the power wire before it entered the compartement, the amp gauge stopped working, but solved the problem.

The gas gage stopped working last year.

General Comments:

I have that vehicle for 14 years now, the previous one was a dodge 76 d100 too,

Very reliable vehicle and a very good transmission, I use it only to tow or transport heavy loads, never had any problems with the transmission

It gets around 10 miles to the gallon, but who cares?? It is cheap and simple to fix so driving the thing is a bargain.

The cabin is very basic, no options whatsoever, seats are uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2004

8th Jul 2005, 21:33

Very reliable truck heavy duty mine has the 318 with the 4 speed manual with a granny gear.

9th Jul 2005, 18:53

I have a '93 D150 with a 318 and the NP435 4 speed with granny gear. I absolutely love this truck, and that engine/transmission pair. I am glad it does not have overdrive, as there is less to go wrong and the transmission is simple as can be (and bullet proof). It is not intended for speed. I have never previously bought a Dodge in my life, but just happened into this one, and am now sold on that vintage Dodge truck. Of course, the gas mileage (which is admittedly atrocious) causes it to be relegated to just a work and/or spare vehicle, which I fully expected going in. But when there is heavy work to do, or a load to be hauled, this truck does the job like it's nothing and keeps wanting more. I am never getting rid of it.