1984 Dodge D100 Base 225 slant six from North America


Bare, but reliable


Unrepaired factory recall caused the right front brake caliper to completely lock up, almost causing an accident and a fire. Fortunately, a rebuilt caliper and new rotor were very inexpensive and took less than an hour to repair.

The Learn Burn system was horrible. The idle was erratic, acceleration was snail-like, and it sucked fuel like a jet. Scrapping the system in favor of a more primitive system from a 1975 Dodge Dart took care of that.

The electrical system on these trucks is junk! Best modification you can do to these trucks is to bypass the ammeter by crimping and soldering the 10 gauge wires that feed it. Your headlights will be brighter, your heater will work better, and the whole charging system will thank you. This antiquated system was introduced in 1929!

General Comments:

Handles like a hippo on a waterbed. Steering is vague and slushy. Braking surprisingly good. Will haul almost anything you throw at it, and will deliver rock-solid reliability if you don't mind little, annoying quirks and broken plastic pieces. Lots of headroom, good seating position, and ease of maintenance are well appreciated. Best part of it all- It's my daily driver, and I've only got $500 in the truck, including initial price and all repairs to date!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 30th November, 2004