1977 Dodge D150 Custom 5.9L gasoline fueled from North America


Built for the long haul


In 800,000 miles of driving:

5 Radiators.

4 Automatic transmission overhauls.

4 Heater cores.

2 A/C evaporator cores.

1 Ring & pinion gear set.

2 Carburetor rebuilds.

2 Valve jobs.

4 Timing chain & gear sets.

2 Oil pumps.

11 Water pumps.

3 Cooling fans with fan clutches.

9 Alternators & voltage regulators.

1 Electronic ignition module.

1 Distributor.

1 Steering gearbox.

3 Replacement wheels (fatigue cracks).

Numerous universal joints.

Numerous wheel & axle bearings.

Note: The above listed items are by no means all-inclusive.

General Comments:

I purchased the truck from a dealer as a deeply discounted previous model year leftover/demo. For all intents and purposes, I bought it "new".

I did not include "wear out" items in the above list. Items like brake friction materials, belts, hoses, batteries, lubricants, etc. have a determinable half-life on all vehicles.

Original lower end of engine went the full distance (801k) without repair. Engine was visibly smoking from the exhaust at 762k miles. It finally threw a rod yesterday, at 801,146 miles.

The vehicle is no longer worth repairing, as stress cracks have developed on the frame.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2003

15th Dec 2003, 19:48

You should contact the Dodge truck division for a testimonial. Maybe even a commercial. 800,000 Wow! I hope my truck gets close to that were at 176,000 and still going.

19th Apr 2004, 05:39

Stress cracks in the frame? Even at 800K, that's not right, what are you loading in it?

Want another frame? I've got one with 400K on it.

Your list of parts replaced doesn't seem right. I've driven 4 different trucks to over 500K, 700K and 400K. I've never replaced that many items in 22 years on all 3 trucks. Let alone a 318 or 360 running 800K without a rebuild, or at least a ring and bearing kit? And you have stress cracks in the frame? Come on, dude. I love my trucks, but something here doesn't ring true, or your the luckiest guy in the world.

I think maybe you're pulling my leg.

Stress cracks... ha!

20th Sep 2004, 13:40

Trying to help my Fiancee' who is working on a 1987 Dodge Pick-up...All indications tell him the Ignition module (that has to be replaced) is on the fire wall... It's not there!!! Any clues as to where else he should look to find this part??? Thanks, Karla.

17th Oct 2007, 09:12

All those parts, over and over? Sounds like NAPA - they keep you runnin' - yeah, back to the parts store. Seriously, if you used mopar parts you would have had fewer maintenance issues. If the same parts fail over and over, isn't that telling you something about where you got that part? I have been down this road with my trucks. The parts store parts just are not reliable. Especially on a truck. Those parts are designed to make the store money, not enhance the quality of the vehicle.