1980 Dodge D150 5.2 318 from North America


I love my truck to death and I see potential in it


Slight issues with charging system (fixed).

Sending unit is bad.

Speedometer halfway works.

Throwout bearing is loud.

Clutch engages when the pedal is almost all the way out (too many burnouts LOL).

Typical rust.

Leaky window seals.

Engine burns/slowly leaks oil.

Transmission leaks a minuscule amount of fluid.

Power steering pump is bipolar.

Leaky gas tank when filled to the top.

General Comments:

Before acquiring my truck, my guess is that it was used as a farm truck by the 1st owners. I assume this because it had slight traces of mice, the rust on the body was bad, window seals and other plastic parts were brittle from being sunbaked.

Also I had to replace the valve covers because they were bent and leaked no matter what, but upon removing them I had discovered large globs of oil that had almost solidified to the walls of the valve covers, so this truck rarely (if ever) had its oil changed by the 1st owners.

Keep in mind I am the 3rd owner of the vehicle. The 2nd owner had done a few things to spruce it up and flip it, so he hadn't owned the truck for very long; maybe a few months.

Now to get on to the real reason I am here, due to my engine and transmission being old, I would like to throw out the old and bring in the new. I want to drop in a mildly built 360 and a 4 speed that is non overdrive, but I'm not quite sure what 4 speed will fit. I am only 16 years old and this is my first vehicle.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2015

26th Jun 2015, 01:55

You're looking at some major money there unless you build it yourself. When you do that, make sure to put better gearing in the rear end, and redo the suspension to handle the weight and torque. Good luck bud.

1980 Dodge D150 Custom 3.7L slant six from North America


It is perfect


Transmission started leaking at 130000.

General Comments:

This truck is perfect for the young teenager and the older generation.

I get anywhere from 17 - 20 mpg.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2011