1983 Dodge D150 225 Slant 6 from North America


The Slant 6 in a D150 short-bed is awesome!


Bought the truck off a neighbor and it needed a new engine, as the owner before him never changed the oil. The Slant 6 is an ultra-reliable engine, but, neglecting oil changes is a recipe for ruining ANY engine over time.

The truck also didn't have a limit slip differential. So I had one installed.

It also has a carburetor, which is problematic, but it is from a different era when all vehicles had them. I'm converting that to fuel injection and installing a 264H Clifford cam to remedy the troublesome 1980s technology.

Door seals wear worn out and cracked due to age, allowing water seepage into the cab, causing rust on the floorboards.

Installed a CD player, as the thing is from the '80s and had a junk radio.

A quarter of a century causes in cab rattles and odometer noises when it's cold.

The body likes to rust, as it's lived its life in Alaska. This is partially fixed, and the truck looks good. Keep in mind it is 25 years old.

Heater control went out. Keep in mind it is 25 years old.

Headlight switch overheated and burned, causing the headlights to flicker while driving on the highway. Burnt electronics smell when this happened didn't help either. Keep in mind it is 25 years old.

General Comments:

The truck has a Slant 6, so you don't need a college degree to work on it.

New tires and wheels breathed new life into an old design. It still turns heads as it's the all-American short bed, regular cab pickup. (The Ansen wheels really help:)

The manual transmission helps with the engine to get to where it needs to go.

Reliable and forgiving on maintenance. I'm thankful for the truck!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2008

19th Sep 2012, 22:50

How did you convert to fuel injection?

1983 Dodge D150 Custom 318 from North America


Very reliable old truck even with 427,867 miles bought it brand new


Bedsides are getting rusty.

General Comments:

This is one of 2 D-series (2 wheel drive) and 2 W-series (4 wheel drive) Dodge pickups I have. It is one of the most reliable trucks I've ever had. It has 427,867 miles on it with the original motor and transmission neither have ever been rebuilt I've put a Radiator Water pump and starter on it. I've changed the oil every 300 miles (Pennzoil) and Transmission Fluid and filter every 25,000 miles since it was new.

I've had Ford and Chevrolet , but this is the best series of pickups I've ever owned.

I also have a '92 W-250 With the Cummins Diesel and 5-speed and a 82 W-350 with 360 and 4-speed and a 89 d-150 and a 82 d-150 with the slant six.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2006

1983 Dodge D150 318 V8 from North America


Inexpensive truck that can haul anything


The battery terminal got corroded with battery acid and the truck wouldn't start. I bought a 2 dollar battery terminal cleaner from checker auto parts and fixed the problem.

General Comments:

Great American truck.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003