1989 Dodge D150 LE 318 from North America


Bullet proof engine and tranny!


I have had this truck for about 13 years. I am a GM truck person, and the only reason I bought the Dodge was the price was much cheaper than a GM short bed. So I settled for the LE150 long bed. Below is what work has been done. Also the original owner used this as his farm vehicle, which was worked hard. Also he put in a second used 318 motor with about 45K on it.

1). Driver side electric window motor

2). Radiator

3). Starter motor

4). Tires

5). All belts and hoses

6). Rear brakes all components replaced

7). Front brakes all components replaced

8). A/C - new compressor, hoses, evap and expansion valve

9). Tie rods & center link

10). Engine & transmission mounts

11). Fuel pump.

Most of the above done within the year. I did 50% of the repairs myself.

General Comments:

I drove the truck little except in the last year when my other truck was totaled in an accident. I know that I put a lot of time and money in the truck, but I can assure you it is still much cheaper than an auto loan.

I plan on keeping this truck forever. I mean the engine compartment is so easy to work with. None of those emission sensors to go bad. I get almost 16MPG on highway. The engine and transmission work great! There are no leaks or burning oil. The engine idles as well as any new car or truck out there, and believe it or not, it has the carburetor not fuel injection to boot.

As I said, I am slowly putting this truck back to new because I shall keep it forever. The only disappointment is that it keeps on going so I don't need a Chevy SB! What other car or truck can you buy a used engine for 500 and have it put in for the same!

I had a buddy quote me to rebuild the transmission if needed. It will cost 875.00 with a warranty! So for less than 2K you can get back on the road for another decade or so. The only original parts are the alternator, master cylinder, brake booster and steering pump.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2009

1989 Dodge D150 5.2 (318) from North America


Been drove through hell and back


This truck has had the hell beat out of it! front bumper is caved in, driver side rear got smashed into. The entire exhaust system from the cat back fell off. Fuel lines had a leak. Rear breaks are failing, Consistent starter failure every winter (doesn't like the cold for some reason) burns oil and uses way to much gas. Paint is falling off and rust is taking over. Smells horrible and looks just as bad!

General Comments:

It sure is one ugly truck now, but it still runs like nothing can stop it. It will start right up as long as its above 20F outside.

I like how the "Maintenance Required" light is always on and the dealership can't turn it off. It's not kidding!

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Review Date: 1st November, 2005