1990 Dodge D150 5.2 Liter 318 V8 from North America


Very reliable truck with good power to go with it


Both the upper and lower ball joints on the passenger side had to be replaced a few months back.

Speed sensor on transmission was causing poor performance and caused the speedometer to not work.

Minor electrical problems with the lights, but they were easily fixed.

Anti lock brakes light is on, my mechanic tried to save me some money by not replacing it. He said it's a $300 repair for some box, brakes work fine though, so I haven't bothered.

All other things were just your basic maintenance (tires, oil, etc).

General Comments:

This truck is incredibly reliable from what I've experienced with it. When we got it, the previous owner said it had warm starting problems and a bad ball joint. I popped a new battery in and the starting problem is gone and as for the ball joints, we drove it for months without any problems and recently had both on that side replaced. Also, when we first got it, the performance was horrible, but then the mechanic told us it had a bad speed sensor, now it runs like a beast. Not the fastest, but certainly has the power.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2007

1990 Dodge D150 LE 5.2 from North America


This truck earned her keep


A thrust bearing, forward of the overdrive went out and took out the overdrive. This required complete overhaul of the transmission at 150,000 miles.

The radiator has been replaced.

I have gone through three sets of tires.

I had to replace the map sensor, oxygen sensor, temp sensor, and a power steering hose. Well, and obviously wear items like brakes and shocks.

One power lock motor in the passenger door failed.

One power window motor is currently very weak.

General Comments:

I have run this truck very hard for years.

I frequently towed very heavy loads, such as my travel trailer of approx. 4500 pounds, plus motorcycles in the box.

It's life is nearly over, but it's still a daily driver, sometimes in the fast lane.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002

14th May 2006, 01:39

The 1990 Dodge D-150 is my first truck, I haven't put a lot of miles on it, but it is FAST!!! It is completely stock (except for filters of course) when I got it, it had 140000 miles on it, but the odometer doesn't work and hasn't for who knows how long. I've put at least 30 or 40000 miles on it with no trouble, it has massive acceleration! I love this truck and will be doing body and minor engine work to it to compete with my friend's 86 Camaro Z28. This truck is awesome!!!