1983 Dodge D50 Sport 2.6 ltr. gas from North America


Super reliable, awesome handling, starting to show her age


Body rust from working near fish docks and exposure to salt water.

Rust and accumulated dirt in fuel tank after 20 years.

Carburetor needs replacing after 140,000 miles.

Torque converter cracked, 125,000 miles, causing seal to leak transmission fluid.

Door seals starting to fail causing interior damage from moisture.

General Comments:

This truck, when new, handled like a sports car.

Motor has had excellent power up until carburetor problems.

At 6'4" there is not much extra interior space, but is not cramped.

More leg room than my 1989 Toyota truck.

After 20 years of regular oil changes and allowing the engine to warm up somewhat before driving I would not think twice to buy a new version if made available.

I have owned this truck since I was 16 so it has seen some hard use.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd January, 2004