4th Nov 2004, 10:09

96 2.5L new from the dealer. 238 miles clutch and master replaced. 4x times over the next two and half months. Oil pump replaced 28k. Cooling fan replaced 80K, There is no fuel filter on my vehicle, there is a mesh screen in the take on the pump, but no in line, remote or other type of filter is on my dodge. Replaced fuel injectors 120K replaced Brakes, clutch and entire exhaust 180K. Driver side door fell off while driving, truck dash reads only in Kilometers now and the Dodges I have driven in are all lemons. This is a bad year and a bad design. Yhea my paint now is mostly primer, It started coming off about six months after purchase. Do not buy a dodge.

17th Mar 2006, 21:10

I have a 1996 2.5 liter dodge dakota and my truck runs for about 15 minutes then shuts off automatically. I have had to change the power steering line, the ac does not work and also the truck need to be repainted after taking care of it. I must say it is a tough truck though. I hit a deer at seventy and it barely damaged the front bumper. It took out the headlight on the right side. My truck is also a mix of part between 95-95 also. Some manufactures get lazy about what they do when they are about to change body styles or motor designs. Could someone tell me where I might get a reasonable deal on a computer for my truck? Thanks

5th Aug 2010, 00:29

I have a 96 Dakota with 187,000 miles on it and the only things I had to fix were the power steering line, pulley, and A/C.

Other than that I haven't had any problems with the truck. It's a work horse.

15th Sep 2012, 01:30

On a lot of Dodge's, and I know for a fact on the older Dakotas, they put the fuel filter on the top of the fuel pump assembly. Sooo the only way to change the filter is to change the pump.

18th Aug 2013, 16:22

I can tell you this! I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport 2.5L, and the fuel filter is connected to the pump, which are both inside the gas tank. I don't know what YOU are talking about Jack!