1971 Dodge Dart 3.7L slant-6 225" from Colombia


A lovely jewel of American sedans


The suspension, I have had to change everything, but after all that, my car is doing well.

I have to repair the engine; it was the first repair after 32 years!!

Previously I have adapted the natural gas system; it was the worst thing I have done with my car; it began to work bad, without synchronicity, powerless. Finally I had to replace valve packs, carburetor, plugs, but OK, it was a bad experience with a profound lesson: not to place a non-original combustion system in your classic car. The more original, better performance and more value for your jewel..!!

General Comments:

It's a wonderful experience driving this antique car. It's superb, trustworthy, comfortable and you feel safe. All you need is a good mechanic, love, passion, dedication and investment in original parts, but it's worth it...

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Review Date: 31st May, 2011

22nd May 2018, 13:02

Used to be, the only Mopar A-bodies worth restoring were the Barracudas or Dart GTs with a performance (i.e., NOT a 2bbl 273/318) V8.

Now, even mundane grocery-getter slant six four-door sedans are being pitched as "collectibles". So, as a cheap wheels alternative, an early 50s Mopar sedan would cost about the same and would attract a lot more attention as a daily driver than a Dart/Valiant (if in fact attention is what you're after -- but why else would anyone drive one?).