1979 Dodge Dart SE 360 5.9L from Mexico


Priceless comfort


The timing of the engine (which is a 360) is difficult to set.

Some rattle in the interior (dashboard and seats)

Extremely high fuel consumption (you can have a picture: it is pretty much the same engine used by the higher version of the Durango)

General Comments:

One reliable car, even though its age it stills run better than some newer models.

It is one great experience driving it: comfortable, big enough for 6 passsngers and above all, you feel that you are protected by an old-fashion metal sheet (not like those of new cars, of thin metal or even fiberglass).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th January, 2003

24th Jun 2005, 17:21

Actually, just so you don't get a big head and think you're invincible in your car of "thick sheets of metal" and get in a crash-Old cars are a lot less safe. Think about it:

No airbags

No crumple zones to lessen the impact on you

Windows that shatter in your face either in shards or small crystals, but either way they still break all over you

Seat belt technology not as good as newer cars

Many other things that make older cars less safe than newer cars.

Now the upside of older cars is if you rear end someone or they rear end you, Your car won't be all smashed up from a 3 m.p.h "tap" like a newer car would be because they are made of plastic. But any impact above maybe 10 or 15 m.p.h. is much less safe in an older car than in a newer car.

It's a common misconception.