1989 Dodge Diplomat Sedan 318 from North America


I believe the V8s in old Dodge vehicles are unbeatable


Brake pads, brake pads, and more brake pads.

General Comments:

This Dodge just keeps going and going.

It does not handle like a modern car, and it also feels very light, and seems to slide across pot holes, but no matter where I steer it, it will go, unlike the much heavier Crown Vic I had a few years ago, that was just dreadful when under pressure.

It is not a big car compared to the modern bloated fish tanks out nowadays. In fact the back seat has very little legroom; most of its size is in the long hood, which really does not need to be so long, considering the engine only takes up 3/4 of it.

But the only reason I keep it, is it is completely reliable and has never left me stranded. The only thing is, what it does not cost to get fixed at a garage, it makes up for it at the gas station. I always know before any journey that I am going to get to my destination without breaking down, unlike a lot of the premium imported brands, new or old. The only downside is the cost of gasoline today, but still, it is a free world, and I choose to keep the old Diplomat for as long as I can.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2011

15th Oct 2011, 18:52

The curious thing about the M-bodies (Diplomat/Gran Fury) is that the cars they were based on (Aspen/Volare) now seem to be worth considerably more as used cars, even though new they sold for thousands less. Maybe the poor gas mileage, which the reviewer alluded to, among other things, is keeping their resale value low.

1989 Dodge Diplomat SE 318 from North America


Last of the originals designed by the older generation

General Comments:

Nothing has ever gone wrong with this girl apart from having to fit a re-manufactured lean burn computer a few years back.

The only noise it ever makes is the noisy wire wheel covers; I would take them off, only I think they look nice.

The V8 may be underpowered, but it runs lovely and smooth. Once took the wife and kids to Seattle and back, and she never missed a beat in all the 2200 mile round trip.

I dearly love this old Diplomat, it's getting old now and outdated looking, but I know that it will never let me down.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2009