2006 Dodge Durango SLT Plus 5.7 Hemi from North America


Great value, useful, easy to own, great blue collar Dodge


EGR valve.

Slight noise from CV joint.

General Comments:

Bought it as a family car for my wife to drive. I also use it for personal use; my wife is a stay at home mom.

I changed the EGR valve when I bought it, as the code indicated it was not working properly. Other than that, it has needed no repairs.

Great view of road, easy to drive and park. Basic interior comfort not plush, but OK.

Good performance truck foundation allows for good towing or rough use potential. I adjusted the torsion bars to allow for better clearance, and installed 20 inch wheels and tires off a Ram truck.

Fuel economy in town is bad; our drives are usually short distance and often the engine doesn't completely warm up. All Hemis have a bit of valve noise.

These vehicles are prone to rust; check inside the doors and beneath the fuel filler.

Power steering pump is noisy like a Ford truck.

Overall very reliable and very cheap to buy used; females like the styling so it's easy to please your wife and wallet too. Kid like the DVD.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2015

2006 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7L V8 from North America


Big, slow, comfy, and bad on gas. Very American


It isn't to say what has gone wrong with the car, rather, what was wrong with it when I bought it.

I bought it from my aunt when my cousin passed away. Since I bought it, nothing has gone wrong. I got it for $3,500; a STEAL!

However, when I got it, it had bad exhaust leaks on both cylinder heads. I watched a YouTube video on how to fix it and fixed it one summer weekend. $109.98 fix.

Second, the windshield seal was blown... $132.00 fix.

Third, back tires were shot. $230 fix.

After several washes, and a good wax and shampoo, the thing runs like a champ and is very clean. The only thing that it does is idle funny every once in a while. I am looking into it. Maybe bad idle air control valve?

General Comments:

It's slow, comfy, big, and horrible on gas. It was worth $4,000 to have a second reliable vehicle. It compliments my 2010 Honda Accord coupe nicely. I'm not a Dodge fan or any American car fan for that matter, I think they make rubbish cars. But, a good deal is a good deal. I am pleased with it.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2014

1st Dec 2015, 06:58

Just an update: 11/30/15.

Started to leak coolant, had it repaired for $350 and gave it to my sister. Turns out it was a bad timing cover gasket. I had the water pump replaced and the thermostat, just cos it was 155k miles. Runs like a dream. My little sister is so happy. She had a 2000 Honda Accord Coupe V6 with 367,000 miles that blew a TB. Good family hook up! Just a champ SUV! Some of them are truly good American cars.

2006 Dodge Durango Limited 4x4 5.7L Hemi V8 from North America


More bang for the buck



General Comments:

Plenty of Power with available 5.7L hemi V8. However it doesn't come on very strong and seems to take a second to get up to speed. Passing on the Freeway is easy and it merges well with a slight step on the throttle.

Fuel economy is poor even with the Multi-Displacement System on the Hemi which will shut down four of the eight cylinders while at cruising speed. This feature is supposed to help fuel consumption stay low and I'm sure it does help, a little.

The Cabin is very comfortable and has plenty of space and storage. I am 6'2" and fit well in the front with ample leg and head room. I also fit easily in the second row with the driver seat pushed back. The third row, while very easy to get into compared to any other SUV you may wish to test, still affords room for a taller occupant although I have to admit I wouldn't want to ride back there for an extended length of time.

The optional power open tailgate is a lifesaver and the floor is relatively low, which is an asset while loading groceries.

Overall amenities are nicely appointed and easy to reach/manage. The fit and finish are high quality although I would like to see less plastic on the dash and door panels.

I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone wanting power coupled with passenger space in a smaller than large SUV. The dollar to value ratio is top notch.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

14th Apr 2006, 15:33

You'll probably want to wait a while and put more miles on your truck before you recommend it to others. 500 miles will in no way show if your vehicle is reliable.


10th Dec 2006, 23:15

I've just put down a deposit on a 2006 hemi engined Durango and am quite concerned about the polarised opinions on the reliability of these cars. I went for the Dodge because it is the most car for the money when compared with the Explorer or Pathfinder and it has a fine engine. I'm previously a Landrover owner and have never had an American car before. These cars have character in a way an ultra reliable Toyota or Nissan never will.

New found concerns aside, I'm looking forward to picking up my new Durango. I live in the middle east and so the car will do a lot of high speed driving on desert highways as well as regular use in the dunes. Fuel economy isnt an issue here because the stuff costs buttons! I'm hoping I'll become a Dodge fan and not a Dodge hater over the next year!

29th May 2007, 12:35

You should be OK with a 06 Durango. Most of the problems that I have heard seem to come from the 1998-2000 model year. Not sure why though, but I believe consumer reports rates that 06 a recommended truck with at least average reliability. Good Luck!

24th Jan 2008, 01:13

To the Middle Eastern guy, you might want to remove the cat system if you in Saudi Arabia and going to import your truck from the US, due to gas spcs issue. other than that you will love your truck. سلام

22nd Feb 2008, 06:23

Hello, I've got a Hemi, 2006, now I have been using it for 1 & half years, I got 30,000 kms.

I love this car; everything is great except I have an engine shake between 60 & 80 kms when I'm cruising. It shakes then it goes well.

The other thing in facing is that it does not have engine protection from the bottom front, otherwise everything is OK.

For any further personal info on the car, email me at gambler_26@hotmail.com

2nd Oct 2010, 23:00

I had a 2006 Durango. Loved it. Miss it. Definitely getting another :D.