2007 Dodge Durango Limited 5.7 Hemi from North America


Batman wishes he had one of these


This car is an absolute DREAM COME TRUE. I've had new cars where the rattles and noises started at 5000 miles, but my 2007 5.7L Durango Limited runs like a healthy lion. It has all the toys a guy wants and nothing has gone wrong at all. Interior noise is like sitting in your favorite chair watching the STEELERS win another ring.

General Comments:

My 2007 5.7L Durango Limited is the best vehicle I have ever owned. The interior noise is zero. I pull a 21' boat and a '70 Dodge Charger RT and this truck doesn't even breath hard. The heated leather seats put me to sleep and the hands free phone, excellent Alpine sound system and GPS Nav system are first rate.

Too bad the SRT-8, 425 HP, motor isn't an option.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2008

16th Jun 2010, 22:24

I have a 2007 Dodge Durango Limited with the 5.7 Hemi, four wheel drive. Love the look of the truck.

I use it to tow a trailer on weekends. The Durango tows effortlessly - hence, this is my third Durango - and nicest model yet.

It does not ride smooth like my friends' Expeditions. The bumps can be painful. But my decked out Durango was not nearly the same price either as a lower model Expedition.

Again - so far, so good.

I rotate the tires every 8,000, and will be doing a fuel injection cleaning in the next few weeks. My three year warranty just elapsed (26,000 miles on it). I changed the rear fluid at 15,000. I will be replacing the battery soon too - as the south Florida heat seems to kill every battery in about three years. Replacing it ahead of time will avoid a problem later.

2nd Sep 2010, 21:15

2007 Durango Limited, bought new 9/07. 52k miles. So far, average reliability.

Recently replaced shift solenoids on transmission, luckily under lifetime powertrain warranty. Also just replaced all 4 tires for first time.

Found that outer tie rods were shot. OEM were sealed. Guy ahead of me in late model charger found that both his inners and outers were shot.. Bought new MOOG's from Advanced and installed them myself (greaseable) $41 apiece.

2007 Dodge Durango SXT 4.7 V8 from North America


If you need a big car..


Nothing, however I only drive 6000 miles/year. The Dodge was purchased new (10 miles) and has 2500K at present.

General Comments:

The 2007 Durango 4x4 is my first new car purchased with only 10 miles on it.


Overall it is a great vehicle for the money I paid. Its strengths include size, a quiet interior, and superior handling during inclement weather. The lifetime warranty was a clincher, so I traded my fully loaded 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee for the new Dodge.


From the outside, the redesigned front-end for 2007 makes this a sharp-looking SUV. However take a sit inside and you'll be faced with CHEAP-looking gray textured plastic. I've read other complaints on this forum about the interior plastic on earlier Durango models, and am somewhat disappointed Dodge did nothing to upgrade interior material choice for 2007.

The 2000 Jeep I traded cornered much better. I expected the 2007 Dodge to ride at least as nice as both my previous Jeeps, but it's a step down.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2007

31st Dec 2007, 19:15

I mostly agree with this review. I just rented a 2007 Durango for a week, so take these comments with that grain of salt. The relatively cheap looking interior of bland gray plastic was a surprise, considering the price of these things. On the good side, power from even the base 4.7 Liter was great, and it ran at about 1,600 rpm's on the highway doing 65, which I found impressive. I managed to get about 19 mpg in a mix of highway and backroad driving, which is lower than what I'm used to. It had lots of room (enough for two people to camp for a week with all supplies and equipment).

The brakes took some getting used to -- very spongy at the top of pedal travel, but when they grab, it is immediate. Sudden braking is a bad idea in this thing. Also, the steering and handling is like the expression "a pregnant cow sliding on ice."

Now for my real ire: as a 4x4, at least the one I rented was a waste! It had no 2-speed transfer case. This from the same people who made the Ramcharger?!? Shameful. The "tow/haul" option seems like just a button to lock out the overdrive, and the "AWD/4WD Lock" switch also doesn't help you off-road. At least the ground clearance was good. The ride was also pretty bad on washboard roads. To continue the comparison with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, I was extremely impressed with the ride on badly washboarded roads from a 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo that I also rented.

In my opinion, the Durango that I rented may be adequate for people hauling/soccer mom/light utility work, like a 2WD Suburban or station wagon, but anybody looking for a full-size 4x4 SUV needs to look elsewhere. Without a 2-speed transfer case, it can't be considered a real 4x4. Then it becomes just an overpriced station wagon.