1990 Dodge Dynasty from North America


It was as if God himself had put her together


The car belonged to my parents before I owned it. they had to replace the transmission at 100,000 miles. That cost about 2000 us dollars.

The radiator cracked at 120K miles, and that cost me a paltry 100 us dollars.

Other than that, the only thing the car required was its regular oil changes.

General Comments:

My only regret in life is that I totaled this car. My dynasty was a true luxury car in that is was richly appointed with comfortable seats, power everything, and a ride as smooth as glass.

When you combined that smooth as glass ride with a surprisingly powerful engine, you wound up with some pretty impressive performance. while the average sports car could beat my dynasty to 60 mph, my dynasty could catch up to them at around 80mph, beat them to 100 mph, and thanks to the luxury suspension, I could usually hold higher speeds then the sports cars in turns and on rough surfaces.

Another neat thing, in comparison to sports cars, was that inspite of the fact that I was roaring around all over the county at speeds in excess of 120 MPH, I was never pulled over. Whenever cops see a dynasty, they automatically assume "Little old lady" and go hunting for someone else to pull over. I swear I drove through a school zone at 7:30 in the morning doing 50, and the local sheriff just flashed his lights at me and let me go about my business. When I got my Honda civic, I couldn't so much as smile at a cop without them pulling me over.

The only problem I ever noted involved the cars' long wheelbase. The car would scrape whenever going over certain railroad tracks or high peaked intersections.

I totaled my dynasty the very first time I drove on snow. I overshot a turn and went into a tree line at approximately 35 mph. The car did a good job of absorbing the impact and I walked away from the accident without so much as a scratch. I've had three cars since then, and I still miss my Dynasty. She was simply the best car that I have ever seen.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2004

29th Sep 2004, 06:40

Keep roaring around over 120 mph and maybe you'll get to meet God.

Or then again, probably not.

1990 Dodge Dynasty LE 3.3 V6 from UK and Ireland


A practical daily driver that stands out from the crowd



General Comments:

This was a very comfortable car to cruise in. The ride was exceptionally soft and cosseting, and the V6 engine was very refined and quiet. However, at motorway speeds the wind noise became a bit intrusive.

It was reasonably quick, and fairly economical for what is a large car in the UK. I managed a average of 26mpg.

I'd describe the handling as safe and predictable. It held the road well, but there was a fair bit of body roll, and the steering wasn't terribly communicative. That said, it was designed as a comfortable family car and wasn't intended to be sporty.

Whilst it was quite a large car by European standards it wasn't excessively big. It fitted OK into UK-sized parking spaces and didn't feel unwieldy in town.

The Dynasty makes a great daily driver for the American car fan, being not only a head turner, but economical too.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2003

1990 Dodge Dynasty LE 3.3 from North America


A very nice luxury car for the money


I had to replace the serpentine belt at 90,000 miles.

The oil pressure sensor unit was working,however the pressure gage in dash was bouncing around, I replaced the unit, problem solved.

I too had the front wheel overheating, brakes were good the CV joints were shot, cheaper to replace the entire passenger-side driveshaft ($80).

Previous owner replaced the head liner, radiator, alternator and 2 struts within the past year.

General Comments:

My Dynasty is in top shape inside and out, it has power everything and it all works.

The interior is very roomy and comfortable, it really doesn't need a tachometer in the dash, but wish it had one just the same.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003