11th Feb 2002, 17:16

I completely agree with this guy about the Chrysler 2.5L engine. It's proven itself to be a MUCH better engine in the long run compared to the Mitsubishi 3.0L V6. Don't know how the 3.3L Chrysler V6 is...I've heard it has trouble with headgasket leaks. The 2.5L Chrysler motor is great! My mother owned a Plymouth Acclaim with the same 2.5L engine and put 182,000 miles on it before it was totalled. It definitely would have lasted well past 200,000 miles! The head, headgasket, and thermostat once were the only repairs made to the engine itself...4-speed auto. transmission NEVER need any repairs! The Dynasty should be a pretty good car with the same engine and transmission.

11th Dec 2005, 18:57

Guess again!! The Dynasty was available with a 2.5 four cylinder engine. The V6's were optional or included with higher models or packages.

29th Apr 2007, 07:18

Original poster update -

To the first reply: my only problems with the motor were the valve cover gaskets, thermostat, and water pump. I should have specified in my original review that the timing belt was replaced only because the water pump went out - as long as it was opened up, might as well get the timing belt done, right? The motor's power band was a bad fit for the trans gearing, and it liked the gas, but it was reliable & smooth. The majority of the swarm of problems I had with this car were in other systems (electrical, body, trans, etc.)

- Power steering pump started leaking badly, and power antenna stopped working, around 55,000mi.

- Shortly after this, both power seat adjusters went out.

- Trans started slipping around 57,000mi.

- BOTH rear calipers froze shortly after the trans started slipping.

This last onslaught of problems was the last straw. I sold the piece of junk for $500.

I did buy another Dodge - a 2000 5spd V6 Dakota; I still own it. I wasn't specifically looking for a Dodge - my only requirements were: great "condition vs. price" value, manual trans (no more autos for me), & A/C. That truck was the first thing I found that fit the bill. In terms of reliability & power, it's been a breath of fresh air after that Dynasty.

You can find my review of in the 2000 Dodge Dakota section, under the heading "Durable, Fun Truck".

1st Nov 2007, 14:03

Best car I've ever owned...200k miles and no problems...ever!!!

9th May 2008, 16:56

I purchased the 1988 Dodge Dynasty 2 years ago. It has 38,000 original miles on it. It still looks good and drives good. The only problem that I have had with it is the heater. Being that it probably sat for long periods with the coolant in the system it has rusted the hoses and then clogged the heater. I have had it cleaned twice. That I do not account to the manufacture but to the previous owner. Other than that it is a good car. The only thing that I wish it had is more of an adjustable seat (be able to lean it back). Thanks from Salt Lake City, Utah.

8th May 2009, 10:11

I have had a couple of Dynasty's with V-6's and both are great cars. Always got 22 - 26 MPG. One Mitsubishi 3.0l, the other Chrysler 3.3l. The 3.3L has more power and a better feel. Both have gone 200K miles with very little maintenance.

In reference to the first or original comment, find a new mechanic. If you are shifting to second gear at 50MPH, then either there is a problem that can be fixed; or you are not driving very gentle.

These transmissions must use Chrysler ATF if you want long life from them. There is no substitute!!! Ya the bodies are not the prettiest, and the fit may not be as nice as a more expensive car; but for the price, my miles are cheap.

23rd Sep 2009, 08:19

This is the original poster once again. To the author of the most recent comment:

I'm well aware that my car may have been a lemon. I know that not every Dynasty has so many problems.

The 50mph 1-2 upshift was referring to the upshift speed at *full throttle* - I mentioned this to illustrate how tall 1st gear was. I did not regularly drive the car like this.

I serviced the trans with Chrysler ATF +3 (which supercedes the ATF+2 the owner's manual specifies) and a fresh filter when I first got the car. The transmission still began slipping 30k miles later.