1992 Dodge Grand Caravan ES from North America


Loved everything about it


The transmission eventually started to act up. The van drove well in reverse, but made extremely grating sounds when it was put in drive.

The radiator overheated due to a crack in the fluid tank.

The speedometer stopped working. Was easily fixed.

The radio eventually worked off and on.

Condensation got into the headlights and blew the bulb.

Back trunk hatch hydraulics broke.

Have had people trip over the middle row seatbelts when they try to get out of the van from the back row.

Back windshield wipers burnt out.

Fuel gauge stopped working. Was easily fixed.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle. My parents bought this car brand new, and eventually it became my primary driving vehicle. Very sturdy and reliable for a teenager to drive.

Very spacious and easy to see out of... didn't have as many blind spots as other cars do. Very comfortable seats. The shape of the front windshield also seemed to help keep the car cooler.

Very attractive car... ours was baby blue, and after 18 years the only body damage was a medium rust spot on the roof of the car. It was stolen from us... apparently it must be a nice looking car!

Turning radius is probably half of that of a normal vehicle, but you learn to handle it.

We definitely got our money's worth out of it. Very sad to see it go when my parents decided to give it away.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2010

1992 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0L from North America


I hope Dodge's service improves so I can buy their cars again


4 Transmissions is the biggest problem. The third went out around 90000 miles, and was under a partial warranty from the dealer so we paid about $1500. The transmission went again 1000 miles over Dodge's 36000 miles/3year warranty after 1.5 years and they flat out refused to replace it or take partial responsibility for it.

Paint wears awfully.

Poor Handling.

General Comments:

I like the car for its comfortability, great engine (173,000 miles!), spaciousness and good gas mileage. However, the episode with our transmission makes me hesitant to buy anything from Dodge/Chrysler. They've lost my trust completely.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1992 Dodge Grand Caravan LE 3.3 Liter V6 from North America


Very comfortable and reliable if simple maintenance is done.


Replaced left axle shaft because outer CV boot tore. Replaced at a cost of $150. This is common on these vehicles, so it was no big deal.

Also, replaced front brake pads at the same time as axle shaft. This was at about 90,000 miles.

Other than these 2 things, I have done nothing else except change the oil. All power accessories still function properly, including the air conditioning.

General Comments:

Being the LE model, it is very comfortable. Soft, cushy seats make it absolutely wonderful to take on a road trip. Even though it is 13 years old, I am not afraid to take it on a long trip. There are no oil leaks and it handles well. No pulling to one side or shaking. It cruises down the highway very smoothly. My mother has a much newer car, but when we take a trip, everyone wants to take the Caravan.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2005

2nd Feb 2006, 13:20

Update on my Grand Caravan. Roughly a year later it now has 102,000 miles on it and is still running as strong as ever. The only repair last year was a faulty Oxygen sensor which caused poor fuel economy. Since having it replaced, it has gone back p to 17-18 city and 23-24 highway. I have a compact car (87 Chevy nova) that I drive back and forth to work so that keeps the miles on the van down. I drive the van at least once a week regularly and then drive it on road trips.

1992 Dodge Grand Caravan LE AWD 3.3L from North America


We are happy with it


Purchased van in May 2000. October 2000 things get interesting.

October 01 - Traveled to Toronto from Ottawa and transmission failed. Replaced transfer case, speedometer housing and axle seal under independent extended warranty ($1530.36)

October 05 - Returned to Ottawa and transmission failed again an hour outside Toronto.

Paid $300 for the tow out of my own pocket.

Transmission re-repaired along with the true cause of the first failure. The viscous coupling on the All Wheel Drive system was not disengaging properly, causing the transfer case to overheat and literally explode. Repaired under warranty for an additional cost of $1000+.

April 11, 2001 - Replaced speed sensor, rear wiper arm and motor for $360.

Repaired radiator fan shroud and fan motor.

Replaced fuel pump - $800+.

Currently, transmission still limps, but has been helped by a transmission flush. Since then, it performs flawlessly once warm. When it struggles to gear down to first, I simply put it in neutral and back to drive. It works.

The infinity radio system recently stopped working and has to be fixed or replaced.

General Comments:

This vehicle is well appointed with a host of modern conveniences.

It handles well for a large and heavy vehicle.

Fuel economy is excellent - about 500 KM per tank in the city to 600 KM per tank on the highway during the summer. The winter months drop the fuel economy to as little as 400 KM (city) and 500 KM (highway) per tank.

Removing the seats is a "job." Putting them back is a "chore."

For my family of six, we are very happy with our Grand Caravan.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004