1993 Dodge Grand Caravan ES 3.3 from North America


Don't want to get rid of, it could last forever


ABS brakes are expensive to fix. I have replaced the major components, replaced headliner. Other than parts normally replaced; nothing.

General Comments:

This van is super reliable, original transmission, serviced every 30,000, interior is great, seats are very comfortable, performed maintenance always on time, still runs beautifully, uses no oil.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2010

1993 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


Very good over 100,000 miles


Bearings had to be replaced at 140,000 miles with more used bearings.

At 150,000 miles the sway bar was replaced with another used sway bar

General Comments:

Well, I guess it all depends when you buy the car. I own a 1993 Grand Caravan, the previous owner put around $4,000 on it (that includes an $1500 transmission repair) so I guess he was tired of putting money on it and sold it to me, but for me, I've never owned a vehicle so reliable. In all those years, I haven't put a cent on the motor or transmission, the 3.3 is very reliable, so at 150,000 miles, it runs very well, takes no oil, starts every time, and runs like new.

The only downside I had on that vehicle is the back hubs are not very solid. I reinforced the back suspension by adding 2 extras blades on each side, the back was seriously jacked up and handled like a sports car, but broke both hubs in under a year, so I had to pay a mechanic to remove one blade on each side, so no one should try such a thing, the hubs are not tough.

I have at least two other vehicles in my yard for parts, so reliability is not a concern, however, I had very few problems with it.

I put 2 transmission coolers, just to make sure, and went on long trips with a 1200 pounds trailer through mountains, no problems whatsoever. So maybe the solution is to buy such a vehicle when the previous owner did all the repairs?

I don't know, for one thing, I wouldn't have liked to be in the place of the previous owner, seeing the bills, I almost fainted! Before buying that one,

I went to see a 4x4 Grand Caravan, he showed $5,000 worth of bills! For me, it is a bargain owning such a vehicle!

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Review Date: 14th May, 2009

1993 Dodge Grand Caravan grand caravan ES 3.3 liter from North America


Love my maroon jewel


ABS brakes are horrible apparently, they are a cobbled together mess because it is one of the earliest models for ABS brakes. They are expensive to fix, around $1500 so far. The transmission has been great has newer computer and above all else change, change and again change the fluid at 30,000 miles. The engine is wonderful. My last caravan was a 1990 we traded at 206,000 miles. I intend to keep this as long as possible. It rides very well and gets around 23 mpg. It will not fit a sheet of plywood in it as my 1990 did.

General Comments:

This is I think the smallest caravan they made, but inside is roomy.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2007

1993 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3 V6 from North America


Take care of it and it'll last


Transmission only once, in 1995.

Paint is peeling bad on roof and starting on hood, sides are OK 2003.

Paint seems thin and isn't very glossy.

Plastic-chrome side trim deteriorated starting in 1997.

Climate control switch 2002.

RH power window switch 2002.

Air conditioning needed to be recharged several times, works fine now.

Rear wheel bearings around 110k, 2002.

Black front window trim faded to a chalky gray, I repainted them a gloss black at home, looks much better. All vans have this that I've noticed, it looks really bad.

Rust starting around lower left rear wheelwell, bottoms of doors 2000.

Radio needed to have the switch repaired, 2001.

Needed a tuneup in 2004, running rough, new plugs, wires, and K&N air filter fixed the problem.

Driver's exterior door handle sticks and does not retract, just needs lubrication I believe, 2006.

Paint continues to come off the roof.

Exhaust seems a little noisier, 2006.

Rust continues to move further onto the body from the bottom of the left wheelwell, 2006.

Rust just starting to bubble under paint below rear window though hardly noticeable yet, 2006.

Had to sell it after right rear brake cylinder blew and the shop found it needed a complete rear brake overhaul in the rear costing $400. Not worth keeping as gas prices go up and the paint keeps peeling off it.

General Comments:

Our family bought this van from a rental outfit in April 1994.

Enjoyable to drive, surprisingly responsive and quick, still runs as good as new.

Good on the highway if it's not windy.

It's been very reliable over the years and still is.

Stock sound system very good, but rear speaker location is dumb, behind the rear seat.

Ours is a metallic blue with white pinstripes with distinctive factory styled-steel rally wheels, it still looks sharp when it's all detailed.

Overall a well built van, not the best materials or paint, but a solid drivetrain and decent interior for an early 90's vehicle.

If I was buying a new van in the 90's (my father bought this one when I was 10) I might get a Lumina APV or Pontiac Trans Sport instead. Plastic body panels and easier to remove seats are nice features as well as the cool styling.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2006