2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 from North America


Almost bulletproof motor


Okay, I have driven Caravans for a while and drive 60K per year. The torque converters on these develop an annoying shudder. Look for it between 2nd and 3rd gear about 45-50 mph. Motor mounts are problematic. Odometer and speed needle are off by 7 percent. That means at 67 mph you are driving 71 mph.

Very reliable and consistent fuel economy. I have replaced the alternator only. The airbag clockspring has gone out, giving me an airbag indicator warning light display. Dangerous blind spots are present on mirrors, and when changing lanes to the left, beware of other vehicles in your blind spot.

Paint on these vehicles is very good. Strong points are the 3.8 engine, which is practically bulletproof if you change the oil and maintain your coolant etc. I am just completing a cross country trip and this vehicle is excellent.

Front brakes warp with heat, and you should turn the front brake rotors on these as needed. I would even recommend slotted brake rotors to dissipate heat.

The interior driver's seat and cargo/seat covers fall apart with use. One annoying feature is the front power outlet and the cigarette lighter receptacle (when in use) are in the way of the driver's right leg.

Door locks on the sliding cargo doors are problematic. We have to manually lock the right side sliding door. They are expensive to fix or to trouble shoot. Most people just live with it.

Parts are very plentiful aftermarket, dealer or the junk yard. There are also plenty of used vehicles available, and very good values to be had provided you carefully examine everything. I have never had to align the front end; the suspension has held up remarkably.

General Comments:

Overall, very reliable with minor flaws. Recommended, but carefully examine everything before buying used.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2014

30th May 2015, 01:23

This vehicle now has 253,000 miles and still going strong. No evidence of engine wear. Replaced power steering pump, 2 wheel hub assemblies and 1 speed sensor. I drive long miles. Handles and drives well. This vehicle has never let me down and does NOT have electronic glitches. I plan to buy another one when I can.

2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 from North America


Reliable when maintained


Torque converters are defective on 2007 models, air bag light keeps coming on (the problem is in the steering wheel).

General Comments:

I still recommend this vehicle, which replaced a 2006 that had 266,000 miles. The 2006 is a better vehicle for some reason. My current 2007 has 190,000 miles and there have been problems. The torque converters are a defect on the 2007 model. Chrysler will not help you. I replaced my T-converter 6 months ago. When they go, the converter will shudder when shifting. This is due to a change by Chrysler for 2007. A bad change!

Replace at an after market repair shop, NOT the dealer. A good price for repair is around $600, which includes a new torque converter.

Side door rattles and actuators are a common defect. Latest issue is road noise, possibly caused by a bad wheel hub assembly on the left rear wheel. Again, do not take it to the dealer. Air bag light goes on intermittently, caused by lost contact in the steering column. The vehicle is however, reliable and predictable. Dodge computer codes are readable by turning your ignition key on/off/on 3 times. Mostly codes are caused by the gas cap. It's a Dodge thing.

Driver's seat is comfortable, but they wear out at the base of the lumbar area. Middle seat stow and go cargo bay covers fall apart with time and use. Replace as needed at a junkyard.

Maintain and it should be good for 250-300K. Parts are everywhere and reasonable. Plan on replacing wear items. Front brake rotors are prone to warping and should be turned as needed. 18-23 MPG. Again, I have driven these two vehicles 350,000 miles myself.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2014

19th Jul 2020, 20:11

I am the owner of this vehicle. 204,000 plus miles now. What a great vehicle. You should own one IF YOU CAN FIND one that is in good condition. The vehicle steers like a dream... very smooth. Also, the seats are very comfortable. The redesigned model for 2008-2019 are not that comfortable.

The brakes on these are undersized, and as such wear quickly resulting in warped front brake rotors about every 10K miles; one should consider installing new front brake pads every 20K miles.

The vehicle has 215 HP which is adequate. Everything still works on the vehicle, power doors, windows, tailgate, cruise etc. I feel like this vehicle will be good for another 60-100K miles. The head liner is sagged. I bought a box of upholstery pins on eBay and have used about 50 pins to hold the ceiling in place. Right side door actuator stopped working a second time but was only loose from the door. The actuator was re-attached and problem solved! In many ways, this perhaps the best year for this vehicle. Sadly, I feel Chrysler/Dodge has made them cheaper and cheaper. I think in the future I may buy a Honda Odyssey as I like the design detail.