2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L from North America


Mixed feelings as though something lost and something gained


So far everything is fine. This has a 6 speed automatic transmission and the last year of the 3.8L V-6 engine. These engines are extremely reliable with maintenance. However, this vehicle has no transmission dipstick... requires dealer service. We do not yet notice transmission torque converter shudder, which is indicated to be a common Chrysler-Dodge problem.

There are no good tow points on the front of this vehicle by which to pull it out of the mud or snow. For some people this could be problematic.

General Comments:

I have had 3 other Dodge Grand Caravan SXT models (2006, 2007, 2007) and have driven them approximately 500,000 miles. The doors, hood and body on the 2010 are thinner and metal has been replaced at key points with ABS plastic, which we assume is to make the vehicle lighter. This is visible where the headlights attach to the vehicle. This is noticeable and disappointing. Aerodynamically, the vehicle has been de-engineered for the sake of new and improved, but the 2010 is a lot boxier.

This generation has slightly wider tires for increased stability on the road. Overall the 6 speed transmission has provided me with a 1-2 mile per gallon fuel economy.

My thought is that Chrysler has slowly been killing this vehicle by making it cheaper, although new features are present such as windows that roll down on the sliding passenger doors. Time will reveal just how reliable this Generation 4 mini-van is compared to its predecessors. I suspect that Chrysler would like to kill the Caravan and replace it with the Pacifica (less vehicle and a lot more money). I guess they would rather sell upscaled vehicles to higher income people.

On the Dodge mini-vans, the 2010 Grand Caravan is the last year in which one can move from the driver's compartment to the back of the vehicle. This model still has the removable storage compartment between the seats. Subsequent years have a sweeping center console that is NOT removable. The Chrysler T/C has a removable compartment between the seats, and later models will permit moving to the back from inside the vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2017

15th Jan 2017, 03:48

Solid review from someone who has experience with the product.

The leading problem with these is premature brake wear.

The transmission is relatively solid compared to prior versions, but it's not flawless, and can benefit from regular servicing - a good independent shop can handle it.

And it looks like you're onto something about the atrophy FCA is expressing towards of this vehicle. They are looking to promote the Fiat/Alfa based Pacifica, whose lineage could make it be a very interesting vehicle to deal within terms of quality... over time... ;)

We'll see.