19th Dec 2005, 11:51

I agree with the last responder on the front end noise. My 2001 Grand Caravan needed the front sway bar bushings replaced at about 40,000 miles. Not sure about your gas fill problem. What my van does have is the notorious driver power window problem where it gets stuck down all of the time. Based on what I have read, it will need a new power window motor.

I hope you have the extended warranty like me, it is a must for the Dodge and Chrysler vans.

12th Feb 2006, 16:30

Our 2003 also has had the front end problems. First we had a clunking noise. A tie rod was replaced. It also had a creaking noise so the dealership replaced the bushings in the sway bar. The noise went away for awhile and then the creak returned about 6 months later. I took it to the dealership. They acknowledged the noise, but identified it as standard road noise. My response was that my GM vehicles did not have this problem. They offered to sell me an extended warranty. I declined.

The a/c compressor has also failed once, we have had 2 recalls, and now we have a rough running issue that comes and goes during idle and acceleration. The engine stumbles and then returns to running normal. We currently have 38,000 miles on it. Our next van will not be a grand caravan.

22nd Mar 2006, 15:28

Our 2000 Grand Caravan has the same power window problem I've read about here. It gets stuck in the down position all the time. The dealer wants $350+ to fix it. Then again, the dealer wants $71.00 just to read the engine codes that always make the van's check engine light come on--something they do for free at the auto parts stores. I may try a body shop for the window instead. The vehicle has had several other problems. My next minivan will likely not be a Caravan either.

19th Apr 2006, 21:28

Well I have a 2002 caravan the fuel gauge didn't work. So they replaced the sensor in tank. The dealer that is under warranty. They didn't put the ground strap back on so I did. Fuel gauge does not work any better than it did. Also the sway bar bushings r done right after 60 thousand mks go figure. Engine always had a miss dealer knows its there, but could not fix it. NOW THE BRAKE LIGHT IS ON ABS LIGHT IS ON TR AC SAY ITS OFF. But the thing is this van has no such thing on the van. The van has 70,000 kms on it. So I think it's a bad ground some where? Brakes r all perfect & brake fluid is full. Van only has air conditioning & int wipers.

5th Jul 2006, 22:01

I have a 2002 Grand Caravan. The vehicle is poor and the dealer is even worse.

In December of 2005, my engine light was on and a couple days later the car died on me. I had to have this car towed to a local dealer. The dealer ran 18 diagnostic tests, and said that the engine was flooded and told me that it was not a big problem, then charged me around $290.00 for tuning up, replacing a cable, and replacing a headlight (which I knew it was not broken).

Two hours later, the dealer called me back stated that it was a sensor problem that caused the problem and charged me another $600.00 for replacing the sensor. By the time I got my car back it was dark already.

While I was driving the car on my way home, I found that the instrument panel was completely dark. I drove it back to the dealer the next day and they responded that all it needed just a reset to restore the instrument panel. If this was true, why had they failed to do so at the first time? Conclusion: this vehicle is poor and the dealer is either inexperienced or ......

25th Jul 2006, 13:38

We have a Grand Caravan 2001. We have had many problems!

Our ABS light came on.

The ABS sensor in the front right wheel was bad and was replaced (it was under warranty).

The front bearings were replaced under warranty.

The passenger window motor was replaced under warranty.

The front passenger wheel "fell off" while backing out of a parking space (the dealer replaced and fixed the bearings etc... and this also was covered under warranty. The dealer said we had to have been in an accident for the whole wheel to have become disconnected like this. They had never seen this before).

Now we are having more problems and the van only has 58K miles on it.

The driver's window locks in the closed position, and then out of the blue begins to work again.

The window washer fluid does not spray on the driver's side.

The electronic lock does not work on the driver's side passenger door (lock must be locked/unlocked manually).

The bearings and tie rods need to be replaced.

The sway bar is making noises, even on smooth roads.

The springs in the rear are very loud when stopping now.

The air conditioning does not work, and all three mechanics that have looked at it have different speculations (compressor needs replaced, dryer needs replaced, and there is a coil that is extremely expensive and also needs replaced!).

We will never purchase another Grand Caravan!

26th Jul 2006, 09:00

I'm very disappointed with my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. That noise in the front was from the struts that had to be replaced at $400.00. My air bag sensor went defective so that was replaced for free... now with more miles on it, it has gone bad again. The dealer said that when in a crash, the airbag may not deploy. With only 20,000 miles on it, a valve spring broke. Cost me two days in Lexington, KY.

7th Aug 2006, 09:26

2002 Grand Caravan... ignition is locked and won't turn? Possible problems?

30th Dec 2006, 21:58

I have a 2002 dodge caravan. Overall, I have enjoyed it, but like many other comments, I've had a lot of mechanical issues. The fluff, fluff, fluff in the front end, that won't go away. We've had the front brakes replaced 5 or 6 times and now I am ready for something more care free. I must say, I do a lot of driving and with 95,000 miles on it, it's been good to me despite all of the mechanical problems. I don't think I will buy another one and I don't think I would recommend it to anyone unless they had free access to a mechanic.

27th Feb 2007, 20:25

I also have locked ignition problem with my 2002 Grand caravan sport as previous member mentioned. I cannot start it with my keys. It however turns on fine with the remote starter. Is this some sort of security issue?

6th Mar 2007, 16:17

I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have 70000 miles on the car. We have had 2 problems with the transmission - cost $1,000. We have replaced 3 hoses cost $850.00. The dealer told me Chrysler used inferior hoses that will all eventually have to be replaced. Cost to be determined. The car idles very roughly. The front end needs new sway bars. The motor on the drivers window is going (it gets stuck in the down position). The sliding door on the passenger side does not work in the winter. The dealer does not know what is wrong with it. The key does not always turn in the ignition. The a/c motor was replaced once. I have spent over $3000 in repairs in the last 6 months and it needs more work. I no longer feel safe driving this car. I bought it new and nothing has been covered under the warranty. The dealer even forgot to refill the transmission fluid after replacing a part.