26th Jul 2001, 17:53

I have a 2000 SE and my Intrepid has 35000 miles on it and the car drives great. I've taken this car at over 110 & 120+ MPH and the car is responsive, smooth and comfortable.

I would recommend using Mobil1 fully synthetic oil. I am a mechanic in Northern Minnesota and this car is GREAT! The transmissions on these 2000 Intrepids are better than the 1999 Intrepid. This car, if adjusted, even on a SE can hit 210 HP. It's no muscle car! But it has POWER!

10th Sep 2002, 19:56

I just returned from the mechanic with my 2000 Intrepid SE. Bad news, the rack and pinion steering is gone, diagnosed at 41,000 miles. The transmission is shot. Price for repairs $2,000. I noticed the problem with the steering at around 30,000 miles. I was told at that time it was some minor problem and it was something to be expected.

The parts for the rack and pinion steering are on back order as they are in such high demand.

I am highll disgusted with this car!

27th Feb 2003, 20:09

I am a true believer in treating your car right. If you perform the regular scheduled maintenance, you should not have many problems. My 1999 Intrepid SE has 75,000 miles on it and it drives like the day we bought it. The transmission works fine. The fluid is still as red as new, and it is not acting up. I had it flushed, filled and new filters put on at 60,000 miles.

I do, however, have my doubts with the steering system. I was told recently that I need a new Sway Bar. What causes this to go bad? We don't drive the car recklessly.

12th Apr 2004, 19:28

I have a Dodge Intrepid 2000 ES. I gave in my car for a regular 48,000 mile service and asked the service center to check out the steering system. I would hear some kind of a rattle from the steering when pulling in or out of a parking spot. I'm told that the rack and pinion system and tie rods are the verge of breaking down and need to be replaced. Total damages $ 900. I have not done any rough or heavy driving and have done approx 48,000 miles in 4 years. Otherwise the car drives very well and has not given me any major problems.

18th Aug 2007, 15:59

I have a 1999 Intrepid SE with over 250,000 km on it. I bought it used in March of 2007. I had to replace the swaybar, bushings, and stabilizer bar control link. I am still having an issue with the cranking time required in starting the vehicle, whether it is cold or hot. I live in Canada and have taken my car to a mechanic twice to get it diagnosed. I put in new plugs and there was no 'ping' on each of the diagnostic tests. Fuel injectors were clean, fuel pressure was tested and within spec, throttle body was clean, yet it still needs a long cranking time. I thought maybe it was a sensor as there are three that could actually cause this problem. I am a mere FEMALE, but would still like some advice if anyone with the same car has experienced the same issue that I am now facing.