28th Jan 2002, 20:51

As for the valve covers leaking that was the mechanics fault.

28th Mar 2003, 17:04

If you are an Intrepid owner my sympathy. I have had one for 2 years and only for I can claim mine for taxes as I use it for business its repairs do help with the Feds.

Problems I have had to replace

Tie rods/bushings like rice at a wedding $35/$55,Transmission $1500, Ball joint/control arm one unit $85 (like rice as well),Steering rack $600new/$100used $250 to install I got lucky an purchased one used that came off a car with 27000, water pump $55 twice. Transmission mount $135, If you start to have electrical problems buy a complete harness $1200 because your old one is toast.

There are some others, but I don't have time to go there.

Those prices Quoted are mostly my price my parts/mechanic realize I'm not rich + my brother has his 1999 Intrepid in this week getting the 2.7 motor replaced only 50000 miles no settlement yet, but the cost there is going to be over $3500.

All parts are twice as much as other makes/models I have a Ford Sable and have had minimal repairs and have found that the parts are half the cost. Knowing that no car is perfect some should not incur additional costs to maintain. Dodge Management seem to turn a deaf ear to the buying public. my 2 cents.

3rd Aug 2003, 02:28

I have to agree with what's been said previously. I purchased my Intrepid used in January 2002. I have never had more problems with a car than this one. When I hit a bump in the road the entire front end of the car shakes so bad you can barely keep it on the road. The fuel rail (which I have since found out has been recalled) leaks gas onto the engine which fills the interior with fumes so bad your eyes burn. And, has caused engine fires. DANGEROUS!!! Sometimes the dash lights will come on when you start the car sometimes they won't. I just had to replace the water pump and timing belt at 70,000 miles which set me back $500. Had it back for 4 days and now my check engine light is on and it's staying on. I can't wait to pay this loan off and get rid of the car. I've had a horrible experience with it and will never purchase another Dodge product again. Maybe I won't wait for the loan to be paid off. This car is dangerous. I'm so angry with the dealership and Dodge. Oh, don't write to the main corporation about any problems. You're wasting your time. They never wrote me back and it's been months now.

4th Aug 2003, 02:08

I've got a '95 intrepid with a 3.3l engine and have had no major problems with it that I haven't caused myself (two wrecks of the front end nature) The engine doesn't smoke, use oil, still has good compression. I recently (10k miles ago) replaced the power steering pump which had been going bad for the past 80k miles. (Bearings wore out) Oh, and I'm up to 180k miles. Over all I've been VERY pleased and would recommend the car to others.

20th Nov 2003, 14:50

I bought my first Dodge Intrepid last summer. A retired 1996 police car. It has the 3.5L v6 and goes great. Handles very well, great get up and go power, comfortable also. I bought it with 150,000 and the same day had to replace the thermostat. Also replaced ball joints (both sides), tie rod ends, both, map sensor twice in 2 months, and an arm bushing for my steering. Which I was told was only on the Intrepid. About 165,000, I was on my way to a resort for vacation and the water pump went on me half way there. At the same time had my timing belt replaced, and new belts and hoses. From the cop I paid $3,400. for it. About $1,000. in repairs. All in all I do love my Intrepid. The motor went at the beginning of Oct. and were still driving it. I blew the rod bearing is what a mechanic told me. Still runs great, has 184,000 miles... now I'm looking forward to buying another...

7th Jan 2005, 11:21

Proud owner of a 1996 Intrepid with the 3.3 litre engine. Have spent zero unplanned dollars on this car. Very reliable. Has 206,000 km and gives 34 mpg highway as well as decent performance. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

12th Nov 2005, 10:00

I have owned a 96 3.3L Intrepid for 8 years. Have run the odometer up to 171000 miles. Only replaced a water pump, brake pads and rotors, tires, and done regular oil changes. Glad I didn't get one of the many that so many have had problems with. Am going to take it into the shop for struts soon.

18th Nov 2005, 09:36

94 Intrepid with 167,000, 3.5 engine, original owner. I have a love hate relationship with this car. When it is running it's a great car. Over the years I have had the AC resealed 4 times. Finally took it to an independent shop and it has worked fine since. Two timing belts, ABS sensor, two water pumps, engine mounts, 2 trans-axle mounts. 2 sets of shocks, a bunch of front end stuff. The car still screams with the engine and transmission doing great. Just developed a power steering leak, need new tires and getting some rattles can't identify. Don't plan on getting another Chrysler, too bad, great looking cars.

10th Aug 2006, 21:40

OK...peoples...I own a 1996 Dodge Intrepid it has 279,000 miles only major thing I had to replace was the transmission at exactly 150,000 miles. This car is the best car I ever bought in my life and I love it! Never ever had any other troubles as spoken above. However, My car at 279,000 miles sits at a dealership with dodge dealership mechanics scratching thier heads wondering why after putting a new computer board inside it it will not run. I have faith in Dodge and believe they will trouble shoot this problem... so I can run her another 200,000 miles. Secret to keeping this particular car running is actually no secret at all...do the preventive maintenance as scheduled timing chain water pump every 75,000 miles oil change tune ups and this car will run forever. As it did for me for 279,000 miles... Thanks for your time... Hail to MOPAR!

13th Aug 2006, 08:35

As the 2nd owner of this '95 Intrepid, I can attest that I've only had 1 problem with the car. At the 194,000 mile mark (I'm now closing in on a quarter million miles!), the transmission decided to act up. From time to time, it would go into "limp in mode" and only come out if I turned the ignition off and then back on. The repair cost all of $230 and I'm back on the road again.

The engine is purring along like a kitten. No smoke, or anything like that.

The Dodge cars are MUCH better than they were in the '80s. This Intrepid has only left me stranded on the roadside due to a blown tire! OUTSTANDING car and it has served me well. My next car will be a '09 Dodge Charger. I look forward to putting over a 1/4 million miles on that!

The long and the short here is this: You must take care of your cars. Buying a car that has been beat (or neglected) and expecting it to last (or beating & neglecting it yourself) is just foolish. Change your oil and do the other recommended maintenance like Dodge says and you can manage to get a quarter million miles out of it.