31st May 2004, 16:19

It's strange. I own a 1995 intrepid, the only things that went wrong with it was the transmission, water pump, and the sensors. but other than that, it's been fine.

19th Jul 2004, 13:41

The 1995 Intrepid 3.3L - Well it was a great car until it started to fall apart around 105,000 km. First thing to go were the transmission hoses @ $100.00 apiece not a inexpensive fix. That summer the air conditioner seized up and had to be replace. Three months later, the car stuttered when shifting and sometimes it stuck in one gear. Shortly after there was a pronounced squeal and the torque converter went. Five months later the transmission went and had to be replaced with a rebuilt. In between all the major repairs came a leaking water pump which I replaced and the paint on the car started to peel. I went to my local Dodge Dealer where I had purchased the car and there was no satisfaction about the paint. It seems everyone in the paint industry knows about it, but the manufacturers aren't doing anything about it.

21st Oct 2004, 15:28

I bought my 1995 Dodge intrepid in 1997. It had about 26,000 miles. I have had different things go wrong, but all in all it has been an awesome car. I still love to drive it. I now have 190,000 miles. One thing I have always done was keep the oil changed and flushed the fluids. Too bad all these people have had such problems, because I really love my car!!!

3rd Apr 2005, 20:53

I own the same car and it has been a maintenance nightmare. Three transmissions, lifters, paint is dead, transmission cooling lines, new engine, dipstick, and air conditioner. I was a real sucker. Just bought a Toyota. I drove a Toyota truck and something finally went wrong at 167,000. Dodge broke down at 17,500. Should have sold it then.

4th Oct 2005, 20:19

My '95 Intrepid 3.3L is working quite great actually.

I replaced the tie rods and brakes and the rest is just regular maintenence.. the transmission is a bit weird.. but nothing major.. it kinda hesitates between 2nd and 3rd gear. A/C doesn't work. The paint in the front is chipping.

But it has 155,000 miles now and its still working. I am actually quite amazed. I thought it would have fallen apart and broken by now. I only paid $1500 for it 3 years ago when I bought it and it had 120,000 miles then; now its got 155,000 and still feels the same.

My next car is gonna be an import though, definitely. I want better gas mileage than the 18mpg I get right now.

13th Jun 2007, 10:21

At 350,000km I finally had to give my Intrepid to my Nephew. I was the second owner and purchased the car at 138,000km... So after 9 years of service (just winters for the last two) I would say that at the $11,000 I paid for it in 1997 I certainly got my money's worth. Not that it was without its troubles, the Transmission was replaced by the first owner under warranty at 50,000km. I did two major R+R's of the front suspension and tie rods, but that's not completely unreasonable considering this is a big car and those parts do a lot of work... the AC went in 2001 I finally just snipped the belt... In the last couple of years the transmission has started to be a bit grabby, but the oil isn't smelling burnt at all... The 3.3 was just the right engine for this car. Power when you needed it, but not so much that it tore the drive line to shreds over stressing it... This car has always started even at Minus 35C here in Ottawa the last couple of winters... Quite amazing. A couple of years ago I put 4 new all season on it and WOW.. I couldn't believe how this car was on snowy expressways... Nothing could shake it loose...

As far as I'm concerned Chrysler got this car just right... unfortunately 12 years later I think they've forgotten a lot about making cars... I couldn't buy anything they make with out feeling guilty of smoking out the planet with CO2... HEMI's weren't green in the 70's and they still aren't very green now... I'm now iVTEC or better...


J. Poel


8th Jul 2007, 17:27

I bought a used '95 Dodge Intrepid, the 3.3 liter one. It always smells like its leaking gas. Is there a known cause for that? Also I just changed the oil about 1 week ago; now its making a loud knocking noise around the oil pan. My oil is already burnt-looking, and has little metal particles in the oil like it has glitter in the oil. I was thinking that it was metal shavings. The car still drives the same though. Then there's times at low rpm that my power steering will go out and i'll have no power steering at all; I rev it up a bit and I get it back. Any help would be great, Jon Phillips. jonphillips1234@yahoo.com.

24th Aug 2008, 14:34

When I was a sophmore in high school my sister and I purchased our 95 with about 103,000 miles. Nothing too major. It makes it to the shop at least once a year for a repair and when it is due for an oil change.

At 176,000 5.5 years later still drives nice. Was a great second car, but I am getting ready to invest in a new vehicle.

The biggest repair was the rear struts breaking, that was 3 years ago. We were the second owners of the car, and it has never left Northwest Ohio.

The clear coat has begun to peel and the radio stopped working and had to be replaced, but nothing major as of yet. If it can make me through my senior year of college I will be more than thrilled.

22nd Feb 2010, 20:00

I have a 95 3.3 with over 180,000. Had it for about 6 months, and had to change new brakes because it keeps squeaking, and now it keeps leaking oil. Thought finally we took care off all the problems, and the tranny stopped working for me today. Just replaced the fluid and filter, but just won't kick into gear. Gas mileage is horrible, paint started peeling. Honestly I would prefer any car than this one. I was very disappointed in the car. I will never get a Dodge again.

23rd Feb 2010, 14:16

To 22nd Feb 2010, 20:00.

Because a 15 year old car with 180,000 miles is just barely used... Give me a break. Were you really expecting a flawless car???

2nd Apr 2010, 00:31

I bought a 1995 Intrepid in 2003 with 60000 miles on it. The first five years it was flawless, only replaced a tie rod. Then the nightmare began.

Muffler and 3 (count 'em) converters and connecting pipe had to be replace. Got the parts online to save on cost, local trade school installed muffler free, my regular shop put on converters for just labor. Still totaled around $1000.

Also complete rear brake job $750.

One ball joint, both front wheel bearings $560.

And transmission hose came loose, fluid all leaked out. 8 qts @ $7 each plus labor, $95.

One flat tire (unknown reason), one tire with bulge replaced.

I now hate my car, and nothing mechanical that runs the car has yet broken down. I used to think this was a good thing, but now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Paint still great, but rocker panels under all doors rotted out.

2nd Apr 2010, 18:31

To comment 00:31.

You replaced 3 aftermarket mufflers? That's not a shock. Aftermarket mufflers are much cheaper, but they rust out super fast. OE parts cost more upfront, but will last longer.

23rd Jun 2010, 11:49

My wife and I bought our 1995 Intrepid ES in August of 95.

In the beginning, we had a few brake issues that were ironed out after a few tries. Now, after 250,000 miles, we have had only minor problems with the car.

I keep it serviced regularly and I have had to replace the usual mechanical parts that go out over time, but nothing major. Only recently have I started to have a transmission issue, in which the overdrive is getting stuck on if I try to accelerate too quickly.

We just got back from a 1000 mile trip and I was averaging 29 MPG with a fully loaded car. Nice! I did have the car repainted at MAACO a few years back because the paint wore off, but our car sat out in the sun all the time until recently.

I love my ES and would trust it to go anywhere. It is a shame that I may be one of the lucky ones.