24th Apr 2003, 11:56

There is a problem with the 2.7 engine. My 2000 Intrepid has 37,400 miles on it with an oil change every 3000 - 3500 miles. Nothing but problems with this car. Timing chain tensioner went at 36,800 causing "extensive" damage to the engine. The dealership repaired it as good will, but it went bad again 4 days later. In the shop 8 times in 2 yrs for "check engine" and 6 sensors replaced. This car is a lemon!!

3rd Jun 2003, 14:47

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid, and I am very unhappy with it.

I have only 56,000 miles on it and have had to have the rack and pinion replaced, the air bag light is on. The horn doesn't work, the air conditioning has gone out. And now of all thing (and this is within months of each other) the engine has given away on me, with absolutely no warning.

I am disgusted and I understand totally how everyone feels.

I feel like someone has gotten one over on me.

I owe more than this car is worth and I cannot trade it because no one is going to give me a 30,000 dollar loan for a 16,000 dollar car.

And in the condition that it is in, my Intrepid isn't worth more than 2000 dollars and I owe 16,000 dollars on it.

What can I do. Who can I turn to. I need help.

Thank you,

Ocelee Qualls.

28th Aug 2003, 09:17

****Anyone have luck with getting their engine replace or paid for? I really need help finding a key person or place to contact. This really isn't right that some many people are out some much money due to a motor and broken promises.

11th Dec 2003, 23:44

I also purchased a new 2000 Intrepid on April 16, 2000 along with an extended warranty 7 years or 50k miles. On Thanksgiving night this year, I was driving on the expressway in the middle lane when the car cut off, there was no emergency lane. All lights including the hazard light went out, I was left on a dark expressway with no lights in the right lane. By the grace of God to policemen came to my rescue before I was hit from behind. The dealer informed me that I had a seized engine which had to be replaced, costing 7 thousand my mileage was 60K. I am total agreement about the manufacture having knowledge of this problem. There are 69 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. I would like to join a class action against them.

16th Dec 2003, 07:29

I seem to have had a bit more luck than most in getting 107,000 out of my 2000 Intrepid with the 2.7. Now with a defective timing chain tensioner, my engine is gone. They replaced the tensioner, but cannot get oil pressure due to blocked oil passages. I loved this car and it was trouble free for the most part for 4 years of highway driving, my next car will not be a Chrysler product.

27th Jan 2004, 17:42

Just yesterday my 2000 Dodge Intrepid left me stranded on the way home. I was lucky to be able to manipulate off the highway after all power shut down suddenly with no warning. I had it towed to a dealership. They informed me today that the "engine seized up"...said the oil had not been changed enough. Does this sound familiar? It sounds like several comments that I just read. My car has 85,500+ miles on it. My guess is that the bill for repairs is more than the car is worth!

9th Feb 2004, 15:33

My husband and I too are victims of the "Intrepid Curse". Bought our car brand new in 2000 after researching many kinds of cars. We thought it would be a good family car. This car was my husband's baby and he got regular oil changes and performed routine maintenance on it. At 80K miles he started hearing a knocking noise so he immediately brought it to our mechanic thinking it was a minor problem. WRONG! Our mechanic told us that there was sludge in our engine and that it would more than likely go out on us. Mechanic said the 2.7L V6 was a defective engine and that this was a known flaw. Then he told us not to take his word for it to do an Internet search for "Intrepid Engine Sludge". We did and were shocked at what we found!

Thankfully, our car was at least paid for. We have since basically given the car away for $2,000 just to get rid of it. We feel deceived and cheated by Dodge for putting out a car that has this kind of major problems! The car was three years old!!! I have a 10-year old Ford Escort that I spent HALF as much on that hasn't given me a lick of problems! Completely disgusted and will NEVER buy another Chrysler/Dodge vehicle again EVER!

10th Apr 2004, 20:02

I have a 2.7 liter Dodge Intrepid year 2000. I bought it brand new from the Dodge Dealership. I live in North Florida. When my car reached 82,000 miles the motor seized up. I rebuilt the motor with an independent mechanic. The parts and labor was 1,500.00. The Dodge Dealership wanted 5,700.00 just for the motor. If you have the 2.7 motor the best way to clean the motor before it blows up is to run a de-greaser in the motor or I have even used kerosene and 1 quart of oil to clean out the sludge. If you want to drop the oil pan and clean the oil pump intake that would be a good idea too. Also use a straight 30 weight GTX or Rotella Shell motor oil. The mechanic said the thinner the oil the longer the engine will last. Good luck with the 2.7.

19th Apr 2004, 20:09

It has been my policy to replace the oil pump at 100,000 miles if I plan on keeping the vehicle. My 99 Intrepid 2.7 has 113,000 on it and it is now at my mechanics for oil pump, water pump, timing chain and hoses as part of my maintenance plan. The oil has been changed every 3000-4000 miles using either Mopar or Pennzoil. I got worried after hearing of this problem and took a look at the inside of this engine tonite. I AM 68 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN A CLEANER ENGINE. My 94 0ne ton van has 340,000 on it and is still going strong. We had sludge problems with the rocker arms on 57-59 Fords and only had a 3000 mile warranty. NO PROBLEM HERE.

27th Apr 2004, 12:27

OK after reading all of these comments...I'm scared to buy a Intrepid... What is the best car around that you can buy? I heard they were the best!

13th May 2004, 10:52

9th Apr 2003, 07:50 must be a Employee of Chyrsler... these engines have a poor history and a small search will show that... the problems deal in the thousands.

I have gone through the same thing and yous should know that the cost of repairing is usually higher than the worth of the car. Also if you talk with companies that rebuild this engine they will tell you that they will not put a warranty of 100,000 miles on this engine, one company told me they would put a 50,000 mile warranty on it another told me no warranty at all. Assume you spend the money to fix the car, you will only drive it for another 40,000 to 60,000 miles.