5th Jun 2004, 18:20

2.7 engine has blown on 99 dodge interpidthat has been maintain with the necessary oil changes. As someone else stated the oil light did not come on. With as many there should a lawsuit.

26th Jun 2004, 13:30

I also have a 2000 dodge intrepid with a engine problem. My engine stalled and now the car won't start. This problem occurred just after having the oil changed. I have not had the car evaluated yet, but after reading the other comments I know its not going to be good.

3rd Sep 2004, 07:36

Our 1999 Dodge Intrepid was working fine until last Saturday when it was making loud noises. The next oil change was schedule at 65,000 and when I took into our local oil lube shop I was told that I was 2 quarts on oil.

The oil lights had never came on, and there was no oil spots left behind. After adding oil it still made noise. I took to the mechanic and was told that the engine was bad. It would cost at least $4000.00 to fix. I still owed $ on the car, so I had to take a big loss.

22nd Oct 2005, 22:27

Since I've purchase my 2000 Intrepid the only problem that I have had is the the tie rods and front end bushing not lasting more than 15000 mile. I have 184,000 miles on it now and I replace the following:

Time chain and water pump at 12000 miles before they failed

I de-sludge my engine with every oil change (3,000miles) and use Fram extra guard oil filter. I change the PCV valve evry 10,000 miles and air filter every other oil change.

Replace a fuel injector at 135,000 miles, I also do the fuel injector cleaning every 10 miles.

The engine is the V6 2.7. I haven't had any of the engine problems that other have written previously.

Just routine brake replacements with rotors. Never had any problems with Dodge working with me.

Wayne - Irvine CA.

24th Apr 2006, 18:44

I bought a 2000 Intrepid in Oct. 1999. The engine went with under 50,000 miles on it. They covered it under the warranty. They replaced the short block and redid the heads.

Then I got a new car and gave this one to my son. The odometer had 75,000, went again, he got a motor with 44,000 miles from the used parts store for 1700.00 and 600.00 to install. That motor went in 50 days with a bought 1000 miles. The motor had a ninety day warranty, but the 600.00 for installation is not covered. THE POINT IS THE 2.7 MOTOR IS JUNK AND CHRYSLER KNOWS IT.


25th Apr 2006, 11:09

What is it with Dodges? I've just been to the Durango section, and there must be 40 people complaining of the very same problems. All of them had sludge build up, and Dodge wouldn't help any of them due to "poor maintenance". It's a shame. And a ripoff.

10th May 2006, 11:15

Same thing here. Dodge is a rip off. I have replaced my engine once, and it's gone again.

10th May 2006, 18:47

I bought an 01 and knowing of the sludge problems only used synthetic. No problems. If you know the engine's problems look for a solution. I rather like the engine and see no problems with power and such.

10th May 2006, 23:03

Hmm this is interesting, cause my friend has a 2000 Intrepid with almost 150,000 on it, and it runs like it's brand new. They put in high grade fuel and synthetic oil, and it runs like a charm (I've driven it countless times), and in my family we've had nothing but Dodges and Chrysler's, and they've all lasted long past 200,000 miles, and now we're on our 2 first generation Neon's - 1 with over 230,000, and the other just past 200,000.

6th Jun 2006, 15:59

I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 2000 chrysler intrepid and I am wondering if anyone has had this problem. I am driving on a highway and when I go to slow my car down it stalls. I can restart it right away, but it keeps stalling for a while after. It is only when I go around 60km or more. I had the timing chain replace a couple weeks ago, but it is still stalling. I had the car into a chrysler dealership and they cannot find the problem.

27th Aug 2006, 15:58

I have had the exact same problem and the dealer cannot find the cause. Any luck finding a solution?

24th Jan 2007, 20:04

Me too Me too!

I have the same problems! 2000 intrepid - purchased New. Take care of it like a baby. at 40,000 mile the oil light starts flicking after 20 minutes of running when you come to a stop. Now at 50K it stalls randomly for no reason, 50mph or 20 mph doesn't matter. It starts right up after turning off and back on. So Sign me up for a law suit! Oh the dealer can't find anything wrong for the stalling (3 times and out of warranty) and they replaced the oil pressure light, but it still flickered the next day. When I suggested the oil pump they said no way. bassano@bigfoot.com

4th Mar 2007, 15:55

Well I'm in the same boat as countless other people. I bought the car last June (2001 Dodge Stratus with 27K on it). I drove it home on a Saturday night and Sunday morning I turned it on and it sounded like my engine was suddenly a diesel engine. The dealership towed it back in and said that the timing chain was defective and that they would replace it. Since they were so helpful, I went through with buying the car. Despite having several repairs to my car since June, I did not suspect anything amiss until the timing chain suddenly broke again 8 months after it being replaced. My warranty is up now and while I have my maintenance records, I do not have the records of the previous owner. I should find out tomorrow what they (the dealership) suggest me doing to fix the car, but from the sound of it, now that the dealership is not responsible for paying for it, they will most likely suggest a new engine. I cannot believe that I did not know about this before I bought my car. Make sure you tell anyone you know about this so that no one else has to suffer the financial stresses this brings on. I am a college student and have seen the money I worked so hard for be drained from my saving account and it makes me sick!

28th Apr 2007, 09:29

I recently inherited a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with the 2.7 engine from my father. He took great care of this vehicle and I was shocked when the oil light came on when I stopped to get gas. It comes on only when the engine is idling at 700 or less and only when it has warmed up. After seeing all the problems others seem to be having with this engine I contacted a mechanic and he will be checking it out tomorrow. I am going to tell him all the advice I got from the others on this page and will update you as to the outcome of his work. I'm going to use the synthetic oil and De-sludge the engine along with replacing any parts he deems necessary at this time. I hope to get another 100,000 miles out of this car before I have to do any major repairs. What are my chances of that happening?