30th Jan 2004, 03:53

My wife owns a 1999 Intrepid with the 2.7 engine and has very good luck with it. The trick to the 2.7 is change the oil and filter every 3000 miles and do not buy cheap oil. The intervals for the fluid changes is pretty clear in the manual, but there is always lemons out there.

4th Aug 2004, 09:54

I own a Dodge Intrepid 2000 2.7 4 door sedan. I have had the oil pump changed at 81,000 miles. Now I have to have the timing chain tensioner replaced with possible sludge in the oil pan at 92,000 miles. Symptom's were stalling and complete loss of power on slowdowns. My mechanic said that I was lucky the engine didn't blow. I am sick over the short life span on this major power drive component. If anyone knows about a class action suit. Please e-mail me at txjnl@yahoo.com.


27th Sep 2004, 10:38

I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. I have had the same problems you described above starting at 72000 miles. Timing chain tensioner broke, caused the timing chain to flop around and it damaged both heads and valves, along with sending metal through out the engine. Dodge said it was beyond the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty therefore not a manufactured defect, even though I had an extended warranty covering up to 75,000 miles. They claimed sludge in the engine. I've had maintenance on the car regularly. The engine is shot and needs to be rebuilt. I won't put another dime into this worthless car. I would like to see a class action law suit on this as well. I've spoken to five (or more) auto shops regarding the problem. They all were very aware of this problem.

4th Dec 2004, 21:44

My Intrepid SE has 156,000 miles and is on its 5th set of 80,000 tires. I have had no real engine trouble, but I did do the recommended manual stuff at 100,000 miles to the tune of $1100. I switched to synthetic oil at that time per recommendation of my mechanic. 50 bucks a change every 4500-6000 miles-depending on my schedule. I had a flush at 50,000 just because the Pennzoil guy conned me into it. My only real problem with my care has been my windows. Replaced motors X 3, re-glue epoxy X 2. Dodge says it "just happens" sometimes. The second window aggravated me ($230 + tax). My dad is a Chrysler employee and told me soon as you get it paid for it'll die. My last Chrysler vehicle quit at 188,000, but I didn't maintenance it very good either. I wish all of you luck with your vehicles.

10th Dec 2004, 10:49

I too own a 2000 Intrepid. My problems are just starting at 80,000 miles. The water pump started leaking so was due for replacement. In the process of doing this job myself (estimate from a garage was $600 to replace it) I have now become aware of all the problems with this engine. Mechanics actually laugh when you tell them what car and engine you have knowing it is a piece. There is a significant amount of sludge internally although I have owned the car since it had 20,000 miles and performed all maintenance on it every 3,000 as recommended. When I was putting it back together I have no found out the timing chain tensioner is not operating correctly. Man am I glad I found this out before I blew the engine. The only problem is it is an extremely common problem such the local warehouse has 92 in stock! This part also costs another $135 not to mention if a person had to pay to have it installed. I would be more than happy to join in a class action suit. If a company cannot stand behind what it sells; obviously there is a huge problem when every mechanic I talked to told me to stay away from this engine, then it should fix the problems.

7th Jan 2005, 05:37

I really wish I had read these messages a week sooner. I too own a 2000 Intrepid with the 2.7. Last week the loud grinding started. I initially thought my power steering pump was shot; that is until I saw the oil light begin to flicker intermittently. I now suspect the oil pump, and after reading these messages, I don't think it will end there. My Intrepid has 79,000 miles on it. Class action lawsuit anyone?

12th Feb 2007, 08:21

I have been taking my 2001 Dodge Intrepid to my very honest usual independent mechanic. Within the last couple of months he has replaced the tensioner twice and something called a clip three times. Not knowing much about vehicles, I am about ready to trade this car in. My mechanic says he can't figure out why this clip thing keeps breaking. I appreciate the honesty and he has put lots of time in free of charge. Does anyone have a clue or should I just dump this car before something worse occurs. It only has 69,000 miles and since I only have three more payments I would love to keep it, but not if it is going to be a money pit. Don't have a clue about mechanics.

16th Oct 2007, 15:16

I am Cheryl Eldridge. I am responding to the Class action law suite against Daimler Chrysler.

I own a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. At 113,000 miles, it stopped dead in it's tracks at a busy intersection. I had my daughter in the car with me. Luckily we were not hit by any oncoming vehicles. The mechanic said the engine was scrap now due to oil sludge. This is due to the malfunction in the 2.7 Chrysler motors. The mechanic said it was non-repairable.

I had to save money for over a year to have a replacement engine installed. The replacement engine is from a wrecked car (not rebuilt). It smoked so I took it back to the mechanic who said the valves were bad and honored the 90 day warranty by putting another used engine in it. Since, I have been having so much trouble with this engine as well. It will not hold compression. He has replace 3 injectors, whatever that is. He has told me I need a new car computer as well. These were not covered under the mechanic warranty so I am out another 1000 dollars. I believe it is another BAD engine since it is a 2.7 Chrysler engine as well. I don't know what to do. I have over 8,500 in this used car. I don't have any more money.

Please help me. I want to sue Chrysler. You can contact me at (770) 794-0963. My car is inoperable now and the mechanic is not cooperating with me any longer. He seems fed up with trying to repair it. I am also interested in learning about the Georgia Lemon Law.

Thank you greatly for your speedy reply. I am in dire need of your help.


Cheryl Eldridge,


770-794-0963 home

404 538-0105 cell.