23rd May 2004, 00:30

Well - it had one bad transmission from the factory. The car now has 53,000 miles, and has had no transmission issues since then. I must have been unclear in my review to suggest it has had two transmissions. The rating was such due to Chrysler offering to replace it rather than try to fix the old one. They gave me no hassles on the repair.

On the dealership rating, I should have been more harsh. I have not been back since the warranty ended, and I don't see myself going back. I hate dealerships anyways, regardless of make, so maybe the rating is okay from that sense.

On the door seals, they connect under the door sill plate. All I did was separate them by about an inch - gave enough material to reseal the doors. I don't suggest removing the door sill if you don't have to, as they are impossible to reinstall correctly without the proper tool (which I don't have)

22nd Jan 2009, 02:03

My 2000 Intrepid door seals (all 4 of them) were hanging down at the corners and water and wind was getting in. I noticed that the black rubber was attached to a stiff plastic, which matched the interior color, and I'm just guessing here that the expansion coefficients were different and messed things up. I went to the junk yard and pulled 4 seals off a 1999 which had no plastic. Taking the seals off took about 1 minute each. Putting the new ones on was a little longer but not by much. The plastic trim at the door sill was the hardest part but it just popped off. I did the corners first and used a rubber mallet to gently tap the seal into place. No problems since. The dealer wanted $100 per door and I got them for $5 each at the pick-n-pull with a money back guarantee if they didn't fit.