15th Feb 2004, 18:51

Why on God's green earth, sir, would you buy a car from any dealership of any make that made any kind of smoke during the test drive??

As another commenter wrote, you got just what you deserved.

If you are unsure what to do with it, sell it for a dollar, if you can find a buyer who hasn't read any reports on Intrepids from www.carsurvey.org.

Good luck!!

10th Jul 2004, 12:40

I would not buy a car that smokes, REGARDLESS of how new or almost new it is. You can't always take someone's word for it.

16th Sep 2004, 15:42

I have to agree with the majority on this one, but isn't there some sort of "Implied Warranty" that is uniform in most (if not all) states, giving the consumer legal rights in a situation like this? I just bought a used '03 Intrepid, and I was told that if anything major goes wrong within the first 15 days, the dealership is responsible for restoring it to a safe, working condition.

Also, aren't there lemon laws in your state?

- you NEED to

17th Nov 2004, 20:41

Never burn a car a little bit. Burn it all the way and finish it off! Just make sure you're not in it.

1st Jan 2005, 14:45

Come on this guys having a laugh at our expense. No one could be so stupid to go home with a smoking car. Even in the 70's a car didn't usually catch on fire or smoke until about 6 months.

2nd Mar 2005, 14:00

Since no one else seems to want to help, I also have an Intrepid; it's a '94, 3.3L. I also experienced smoking... it came from the steering wheel. My ignition wires had to be replaced, if I can remember correctly and it cost a little under $200. Hope this helps. I hate my car. I have had nothing but problems - every other day it won't start, then 30 minutes later, it fires right up. No one seems to be able to figure out the problem.

1st Apr 2006, 11:18

The problem with the car not starting consistently is the ignition mechanism. Basically, the contacts that are used when you turn the key have worn and/or the heat from operation over the years has warped the assembly. Once the contacts start to wear, the diminished amount of electrical contact creates more heat - which contributes more to failure.

Have the ignition cluster replaced and your car will start regularly - and a great fire hazard will be eliminated.

17th Sep 2006, 07:07

I feel bad for you dude, but here's advice for anyone else interested in getting a used car: during a test drive you are supposed to TEST THE CAR. A car that has problems should not be bought as there are SO MANY other cars out there. Look around and buy only when you are comfortable, not because some dealer (who's probably b/s-ing you about no problem) convinces you to buy. Their job is to make a sale, you're job is to buy a reliable car.

If the dealership can't find a problem with your smoking car, then perhaps you should consult an independent mechanic.

As someone suggested in another comment, there must be some legal action you can take against the seller. Selling a dangerous vehicle like that must be illegal. If your car catches on fire while you're on the road, not only are you in trouble, but you're risking the lives of the other commuters around you. I suggest you consult a lawyer if the seller is unwilling to cooperate with you.

Another option would be to write a strongly worded letter to Chrysler explaining the problem and asking them to either replace the car, fix the problem under warranty or refund the car in full. You may get a faster response if you threaten to seek legal advice (companies don't like that).

Please be more careful in the future. All the best!

18th Mar 2009, 09:33

I had a 94 Intrepid that would act unusual. I would be driving on the expressway and the car would shut off and restart itself, or shift down into 1st or 2nd gear. Finally 1 day it wouldn't start at all. We kept trying then stopped. My neighbor noticed smoke in the car, so when the door was opened, the car burst into flames. It burnt to a crisp in front of my house. We hired an investigator to look into it, and they determined that the wires in the steering column had fused together and ignited when we kept trying to start it.

23rd Feb 2011, 09:17

I am a college student who needed a car and I too purchased a 2003 Dodge Intrepid SE. I purchased the vehicle in the beginning of December 2010.

It is now February 23rd 2011 and two days ago my car caught completely on fire and blew up while I was on the highway. Luckily I was able to get out of the car. When the fire department arrived I asked them if they could determine the cause of the fire and they told me the car was too far gone to tell, but most likely it was an electrical problem.

Now I am out of a car and money thanks to buying this crap car... I would never buy a Dodge and never suggest anyone to buy one again. They are dangerous.