4th Jan 2005, 07:17

Though I don't share the blatant disgust of the first poster, the car is not without its share of issues, regardless of maintenance rituals. I believe the Intrepid is a good car, despite the issues I've experienced. I think Dodge, as a company, could do better at addressing some of the issues that have plagued the vehicle since at least 1996. I have driven my Intrepid for well over 100,000 miles, and I can tell you this much:

If you haven't replaced a vehicle speed sensor, you will.

If you haven't seen lights turn on and off at random (inside the car), you will.

There are other issues that many individuals have reported. I find it comforting to keep a speed sensor in the glove compartment, just in case. FYI, you can pick them up from a local parts store (Advance Auto, etc) for about $30.00 or so (output side speed sensor). When (not if) your sensor goes, and your transmission slips into "limp home" mode (not getting out of second gear), you'll be glad you did.

-Dane Walker Sr.


6th Jun 2006, 13:31

I have just recently purchased a 2003 Intrepid (55,000 miles).

We now have problems with:

1) When coming up to a stop the transmission will down shift into first gear, it will then not shift upon acceleration. You must pull over and shut off the car. You can then re-start and it will be fine possibly until the next time you start to slow down. It is an inter mitten problem. (My mechanic says it is the "Input Sensor"?)

2) Clicking noise under the dash. When this happens at night, all of the lights are flashing on and off. (Mechanic believes this is from the "Remote Car Starter"?)

I have only had the car 2 months, and of course none of the above is covered by the extended warranty. they do not cover electrical items... only mechanical issues?

I suppose I could drive the heck out of it in first gear until the transmission is smoked, they would then cover the thousands to repair the transmission, but not the 50.00 sensor?

19th Mar 2010, 00:54

Same exact issue as the last poster. Bought my 2003 Intrepid in 2003, and less than a year from buying it, same issue described occurred. Every mechanic after taking close to $100 to diagnose said only the dealership could fix it. The dealership was more than happy to charge me close to $2000 to fix it.

Then about a year after, what do you know, same problem. I was out another thousand plus. I came to find out a couple of years down the road that the car had actually been in a serious wreck, but the sales person had told me it was a demo car.

Anyway, right after I paid the car off, it had major over heating issues that cost me another thousand and change, not to mention major squealing after I fixed the brakes. I must be crazy because the dealers and NTB that fixed the brakes just never hear the sound when I take it to them.

The transmission thing is back now too. Has been for the past several months, but I just can't afford to fix it anymore, so I have to pull over every time I slow down to turn it off and restart. It has been a real nightmare since buying this car. I have wasted enough money to have bought another brand new car. I could probably have paid off a BMW now with what I wasted on that piece of junk.

19th Jun 2010, 10:34

I had the same transmission problem as the rest of you did; mine at 150,000 km. I took it to a local garage, and they did 2 transmission flushes to get all the dirt out, replaced all the sensors, BG oil, and it has not had a problem since. Total cost was about $1200.00. Dealer wanted about $2000.00.

22nd Jan 2013, 21:00

I am the original poster of this message. I have since bought an 08 Jeep Wrangler and an 11 Durango. Both awesome vehicles, and no problems whatsoever with over 100000k on both. So much for saying "Never buying a Dodge".

I am happy to eat those words.