15th Apr 2006, 17:14

My 95 Dodge Intrepid starts every time, but it takes at least two turns of the key to do it. Always. Kinda funny, just had it towed today because as I was driving, the cruise control light came on, the car started to lag tremendously, I pulled into a parking lot, and it stalled. It restarted, but chugged and would not keep running. I thought it was bad gasoline that I had just put in it about a half hour earlier, but my husband says no, so I was looking for troubleshooting ideas, that is what brought me here and found your comment. I love my spacious dodge intrepid... it is roomy, drives like a dream (once it starts) controls wonderfully and is the best car I have ever owned.

15th Apr 2006, 21:00

My suggestion for the starting/stalling problems would be to check the spark plugs and also try adding some fuel injector cleaner. My parents had a Mercury Sable (different car, but same problem as yours) that had a very hard time starting. The spark plugs had never been changed in 120,000 miles, and even though the computer kept it running, the plug electrodes were burned down to the porcelain. After changing plugs, and continuing to use fuel injection cleaner with every fill up, it ran great.

2nd Jun 2006, 12:35

I have a 1995 dodge intrepid, I can start it almost everytime, but when I shift into reverse it dies. Sometimes I can shift into reverse and it will idle with no problem. Any idea what this could be?

16th Jun 2007, 21:50

I bought a 1995 Intrepid black cherry color 4 door sedan 18 days ago. Then I got on line and read your comments and now I want to know is there anyone out there who would like to buy my 95 Intrepid? I am the second owner the first owner bought the car when he was 64 years old so I'm sure he was not a Ricky racer. If interested my telephone number is 812-480-6785. I live in Evansville Indiana.

10th Jan 2010, 07:50

My car also does the whole not starting thing. I took it in, and the guy said the water pump was not on right, and also the EGR valve was always staying open, which needs to be replaced, but I did not have the money for it, so I just had the water pump fixed. It started up like a dream for a couple of days, but this morning it did not, even when I did the gas pump thing. I guess I was just wondering if this problem was accurate?

20th Jan 2011, 18:08

I just bought a 95 Intrepid. It's my first car... So far I think it's great, although sometimes it makes a rubbing, wobbling sound when I brake, just once in a while...

Any suggestions?