9th Jun 2001, 16:38

In the first 2 to 3 months of owning the car, which was purchased used without a warranty, the car began to over heat which immediately cracked the head. I called my local dealer who would not acknowledge this, I went ahead and had the repairs done through the dealership which cost $1500.

A year has since past and now I am 2 months outside of the warranty for the repairs on the head. My timing belt has broken and to add to that I have taken the car to have it repaired only to find out that the harmonic balancer will not come off, possibly due to rusting which should be almost impossible considering the year round warm climate I reside in. The car has been looked at by 2 separate shops in 3 weeks to see if they can some how get this part off to change the timing belt. Each has been unsuccessful. Help!!! Has anyone out there run into this?

27th Aug 2001, 19:11

I purchased a "pre-owned" 1995 Dodge Neon. What is this "pre-owned" thing anyway? Was the car only "owned" and not "used"? Anyway, two weeks off of the lot, a rack and pinion had to go in. ($$) Now it's going back for burning oil and smoking. It will use a quart of oil every 400-450 miles. That's about as bad as the '81 Buick with 164,000 miles that I traded in on this thing. This Neon rattles, pops, squeaks, snaps and clicks all the way down the road. Every bit of these sounds come from the front end. When I turn it snaps and pops... when I hit a SMALL bump it snaps and pops. Smoke pours from the exhaust. This is wrong. I work at an oil change facility, and something that me and the other guys have noticed is that we never really see any Chrysler products come in for service that have over 135-140,000 miles on them. Now I mean the cars, like Intrepid, Neon, Cirrus... all of those that came at about the same time with that Cab Forward design. Do these cars die off at a young age? I will never purchase a Chrysler product again. They may look like sharp sleek speedy cars, and in fact may be for a short time, however I believe that they are junk with a pretty wrapper.

25th Jan 2005, 20:06

OK I'm about to purchase a 1995 dodge neon. I test drove it and it done fine. Does most neons have gasket and overheating problems? from what it seems they have SERIOUS problems, but I'm on a budget...so...yea...need some advice?

24th Feb 2005, 13:20

I have just purchased a 95 Neon, and after owing it for three days and getting it certified for the road, I found that the battery light always stays on. We had it check to find that the ground and alternator seen OK, it is a wiring issue that we cannot find. We then noticed that the transmission is slipping and sometimes does not want to go to reverse. The dealer has given me no warranty as I was on a budget and got the car as is. But after talking the test drive and going a little faster down the highway with it, I noticed these problems. Now I'm stuck with it, They will not take it back or refund or help in any way possible. What can I do??? Thanks.

24th Jun 2005, 14:47

This car has cot me more on mechanical problems than what I bought it for. At first no problems, but after 3 months it started giving me problems. I've now had the car for two years and major problems have been the brakes, overheating, air ac, motor oil spilling, check light engine always coming on, the sensors, the gas tank has spilled gas three times, the paint is chipping everywhere... where do I start and where do I finish, would not recommend anyone to ever buy a dodge.