17th Feb 2003, 15:37

I am right now dealing with the same "oil leak" situation with my 98' Dodge Neon. I was just told by the dealer that this would cost me $2500.00 dollars to fix. Why are we not informed when buying this car that this could happen? Apparently, they have been having this same problem since 1995. Why are they not fixing it? It's very upsetting when you call around for estimates to repair your head gasket that you are told that these cars are notorious for this problem. That's very upsetting to me and the Chrysler corporation will never see another penny of mine.

10th Mar 2003, 10:00

I have a 1998 Neon, just now breaking 80,000 km. My head gaskets are leaking from both sides, and I need new transmission bearings (5 speed). The estimate is sitting around $2000! Has anyone heard of a recall on the head gaskets? Every Neon owner that I have talk to has needed to replace the same piece just after warranty expired. My roommate replaced hers at 61,000 km (about 2 years ago) and now needs the head gasket replaced again at 101,000km! Dodge needs to fix this problem.

10th Mar 2003, 10:55

Do all of the repairs on the car and then sell it.

After that then you could get a very reliable Chevrolet Impala or for a cheaper and just as reliable car, get the Cavalier.

These cars are excellent and perform good!

21st Mar 2003, 09:38

For those who are wondering... I have a Dodge Shadow..2.2L engine and I have replaced the Head itself twice! Hard pill to swallow over $3000 in repairs... I was told by my mechanic,"the head cracks because it is aluminum and the block is cast iron; of course it is going to crack!" This could very well be the same with the Neon!

22nd Mar 2003, 18:47

I also have a 98' neon. It has been one the most reliable cars I could have bought, but as a auto technition I have seen numerous head gasket problems, especially oil leaks from the rear of the cylinder head. this generally occurs at around 40-65,000 miles the later of which mine happened. I was contemplating on doing the job myself, but an associate of mine said the dealer would warranty the job??? there is also a problem with the clutch on the 5 speed model that I am currently investigating. A clutch should not have A problem until at least 100k which consequently what I have on mine,but never the less if it can be done for free so be it. I don't see the outlook as good, but!!!

6th Jul 2003, 10:44

I have owned a 1998 Neon for 3 years. I purchased the vehicle from a dealer with 54000 ks. It ran well for two years and on the road constantly. However the cooling fans quit and through exhaustive searching found that the wiring harness had corroded. I made repairs and everything worked well for a few months and it happened again. I took the vehicle to the dealer who indicated that this was an inherent problem with the Neon, but there was no recall on the problem. I have friends who have had the same problem. Other than that the car has 263000 ks and runs quite well.

16th Jul 2003, 11:22

I purchased a ‘98 Neon in January 2001, the head gasket was already leaking. I got an estimate for repair from the dealer prior to purchasing the vehicle for about $800. This combined with the cost of the vehicle brought it to a reasonable market value. Last month after about 20,000 miles for a total of 110,000 miles, the water pump completely froze up breaking the timing belt this caused $1,900 in damage to the engine. This is critical as the water pump is driven by the timing belt. Chrysler offered nothing, but apologies for not being able to help. As others have noted the amount of work needed to repair the head gasket is significant and it would take very little more to change the water pump. Everyone PLEASE be aware Chrysler will not take any responsibility for this.

13th Nov 2003, 14:06

I purchased a used 1998 Dodge Neon one week ago. It is an automatic with low kilometres. Yesterday, I had to call a tow truck, as the transmission seemed to be unable to shift out of first gear. I was in a part of town where the speed limit is 80 km/h, so it could have caused an accident. Anyone else ever hear of this happening?

12th Jan 2004, 13:02

I purchased a 98 neon two years ago. It has 54,000 miles. Last month the head gasket started leaking a small amount of oil. My local mechanic told me to wait and replace the timing belt along with the head gasket at 70,000 miles. He also told me to replace the water pump at the same time. The water pump is known to freeze up and destroy the timing belt. He says this can also cause extensive damage to the rest of the engine.

12th Mar 2004, 21:06

I own a 1998 neon. Started to show an oil leak around 75k miles. Finally replaced head gasket, timing belt and other items at 95000 miles. I commute about 80 miles round trip/ 6 days a week. That has been the only major repair I have had to make. A couple of sets of tires, and the car has run great. Just crossed 135,000 miles last week and still on the original rear brakes. Love the car. Bought as a leftover off the lot for 9000. Still get about 35 miles to the gallon.

9th Jul 2004, 07:17

I currently own a 1998 Dodge Neon R/T and it is the best car I have ever had. It has 110,000 miles and I have never had a major repair. The worst that has happened was the master cylinder went out at 100,000 miles. I am now replacing the clutch cable, not because I have to, but because I want to. I take this car to the track at least once a month and run the crap out of it and it won't quit. I think with recommended maintenance there shouldn't be a problem with this car.

30th Oct 2004, 09:26

Just bought a used 1998 Neon R/T, 5 spd. with 80,000 miles on it. Everything on the vehicle works except for the rear glass De-icer. First concern of mine is the primary drive belt and it's replacement schedule.

14th Apr 2005, 17:51

I have a '98 Neon that I bought brand new. In 2002 at 43,000 miles, I had an oil leak and didn't realize the extent of it until I took my car for an oil changed and was told that it had no oil left! So I took it to the dealer and thank god I had an extended warranty and they replaced the head gasket. Well now I have another oil leak which started around 60,000 miles. And of course, no warranty. I was told it would be around $800 if it was the head gasket again. Maybe if I bang my head up against a wall I will understand why they have not done any kind of recall. I plan to find someone who knows cars to do this for me because I don't have that kind of money to spend right now...

...so if there is anyone in the Chicago-area who wants a job, let me know!!

16th Apr 2005, 18:03

I just purchased a 1998 neon high line for $3200 US, 25 000 miles, and the car seems to be in immaculate condition, with perfect paint, interior, engine is spotless and looks as if it was bran new, I avoided the 5 speed transmission, though I do love driving stick shift.. I figure I got a pretty good deal for the condition and low mileage.. just worried about this head gasket and water pump problem.. anyone find a cost effective way of avoiding it?

10th May 2005, 14:21

I have a 1998 neon, I bought with 30k miles on it 2 years ago. I have had a major oil leak for the past year, open the hood oil almost looks like it leaked out around the oil cap. Also anyone have the check engine light never go off even after ht car has been checked out?

12th Sep 2007, 14:10

1998 Neon is a piece of crap on wheels - Chrysler should be ashamed.