29th Sep 2004, 15:27

I have a 1998 Dodge Neon, with 80000 miles. It is still running great. I have not had any problems with it, besides the brakes squeaking, and rotors warping, but that is just because the back end of them are so light. I realized that if you put on racing rotors, even though they're more expensive, you don't have to buy rotors so much because they don't warp as fast. However, if you take care of your car like I have I don't think you'll experience too many problems.

21st Mar 2005, 18:30

I bought a 96 Dodge Neon and I have been sorry ever since. I have replaced the a/c system about 4 times at about 1200 bucks a pop. I give up, I see no reason to invest any more money in this car. Other repairs have included the oxygen sensor, cam sensor switch, head gasket, radiator repair, a fuel pump that would not work at less than 1/4th a tank of fuel, oil pump that went out at 65 mph shredding the engine which also had to be replaced. I am so angry, disgusted and determined to do something in court, I'm just not sure what I could do against a corporate monster like that. Not all repairs were done at a Dodge dealer, who can afford that, and I'm sure they will use that as an excuse to screw me on this. I intend to show countless testimonials about this car. These people are worse than muggers. I have been mugged by this car way too many times.

1st Nov 2005, 11:42

I've purchased my 98'Neon in May of 05'. I'm suddenly overwhelmed by one problem after another and I have yet to own this vehicle for even 6 months! My A/C has ceased to function and the trunk seems to have issues with mildew and condensation. That is the least of my problems. One of my sergeants' smelled burning oil under my car. I took it into a shop hoping that it wasn't a blown head gasket, but it turned out to be much worse... A leaking valve cover and a rear main seal replacement. What I did after that revelation as with any owner of this product was to take it to a local Dodge dealership. I didn't even get any information or service. The gentleman at the shop told me that he didn't even want the vehicle in his garage! The shop which conducted the diagnostics on my vehicle referred me to another shop claiming that their establishment is incapable of repairing such a problem. I have yet to get even an estimate from this other shop which leads me to the Internet to find one on my own. The costs are sure to exceed $900 for this inconvenience. As a member of the U. S Armed forces, it is very critical for me to have reliable transportation in order to travel to my unit and conduct funeral honors in various ceremonies. Sometimes I wonder if the responses would have been different had these individuals seen me in uniform. Then again, I should not have to dress in a military fashion in order to obtain a civilian service. It's a shame when you can serve your country from overseas and yet cannot hope to find anything in terms of reliable service stateside.