12th Nov 2002, 16:51

This guy really doesn't know what he's talking about. Obviously if you can find a 95 for 200 bux it's for a reason. You get what you pay for!! Someone beat the crap out of it before you got it. We've had a dodge neon, dodge caravan and dodge shadow and all were GREAT cars. I'll take a dodge over ANY other car maker out there!! You could pay 200 bux for ANY kind of car and obviously it will have lots of problems!! If your going to write a review make it a real one and stop wasting space.

10th Dec 2002, 13:25

What a Moron. I own a 2000 Neon and its the best car in the world. First of all, grammar is not your strong point and second, someone like you doesn't even deserve to own a car like a Neon, its way too good for you. Do the Neon a favor and leave it alone. Moron.

15th Aug 2003, 00:13

While I'm sure the sarcasm in the review was not lost on readers, you cannot deny a certain amount of truth. However small that truth may be. The facts are simple. Chrysler designs cars well, but does not engineer them well. Watching my brother deal with his 97' neon was painful to say the least. Seeing my mother's caravan go through 3 trannys and 2 engines was not any easier. This is not to mention the little never ending problems such as random peeling paint. I loved my mini cargo van. Great work vehicle until the tranny went. My fathers company vehicle was a Voyager. Four transmissions later the company bought a new fleet of Astro style vans. Not much better though. As the dissatisfied owner of my fathers old Voyager, I will be spending this weekend trying to figure out why the 4th tranny won't shift into 2nd or 3rd now. Don't misjudge me... I have worked on hundreds of cars and do all my own mechanical work. I have many times had to repair my vehicles after paying a mechanic hundreds to fix what he thought was the problem. My current company vehicle is a 97' Dodge pickup with the V6. A piece of junk compared to the Chev pickups in our fleet. And I'm not a GM fan. Once again my little family of five will have to resort to driving my 87' Nissan Multi wagon with 320k and rust spots all over. I bought it five years ago with 200k and she still runs great.

7th Dec 2004, 21:51

One comment. The man can't be too bright, he had to have test drove and then bought a car that shimmied at 30mph. Duhh...

18th Mar 2008, 14:35

I have a 95 Dodge Neon that was bought for me on my 16th birthday. I am about to turn 25. It has been a good car. We have had some "phantom" problems with it, but they have been few and far between. It isn't the best car and I'm looking into replacing it (I need a 4 door, mine is a 2 door, and a working a/c as I am about to have a baby), but I don't think it's quite as bad as some people would lead you to believe. It has been a good car for me and has brought me through 9 years just fine. It probably has another 5 years in it... and all this at over 180,000 miles.

28th Apr 2008, 10:51

The difference between the imports and the domestics is two things, the owners. Since 90% of people who buy foreign cars are of a higher income level and mostly NOT car people, they tend to buy EXPENSIVE cars with ZERO power and do maintenance at the drop of a hat.

Domestic owners want FAST, CHEAP and powerful, and if on the lower income side, invest in little or no maintenance. For example my friend with a Toyota Tercel would run to the dealer and drop a grand without thinking because the dealer said boo.

I get the cheap American cars, make sure the maintenance is done, avoid the notorious models (or engine trans models) or find out what breaks.

I have gotten over the last 20 years 4-5 Dodges for under a grand and gotten between 50-100K miles with nothing more than maintenance.

Your shimmying was either a warped rotor or a bent rim, but what do you expect when you buy a $200 car and expect a new Toyota for reliability.

Bought a 1985 turbo Omni for $500, put on over 60K miles with only brakes (still have it).

Got a 1988 LeBaron Convertible for $800 (drove it for the past 9 summers, brakes only)

Got a 1992 Dodge w250 diesel with 130K (for $1500), rebuilt the auto and have put on 90K trouble free miles since towing.

Got a 1995 Neon Coupe with 110K miles (for $500), replaced timing belt with 300% stronger Kevlar belt and replaced head bolts with studs and turbocharged, and after 60K miles only replaced the AC and I get 45MPG and 13.5 1/4 mile times.

Got a 1991 Mitsubishi GSX for $1K, put on a Kevlar belt and have had no problems the last 50K miles.

I try to avoid cars with auto transmissions, because people don't change the fluid and they die from overheating by the time you get it

9th May 2008, 00:31

I've owned a neon from the yrs 95-99, a 2004 sxt and now a 2005 SRT4..I haven't any major problems with any of them. They are great little cars and can make a good amount of power with cheap modifications!

6th Aug 2009, 20:18

My '95 Neon Sport sucks.

5th Dec 2010, 22:50

I won't argue, just went to a junkyard and there were aisles of Neons, but there was only one Omni/Horizon.

5th Jan 2011, 00:37

I agree with you, it is the worst vehicle I have ever bought. I bought it in one day and in 2 kilometers the engine went on me. It is a lemon.