10th Apr 2004, 20:35

I am having the same problem. one night my radio worked, the next day it did not. I also noticed that the dome light and trunk light do not work either. I tried putting another working radio in and it did not work. I figured it may be a fuse, but all the fuses seem fine. there is power going to the radio wires, but will not power my radio on. I would like to know how you fixed the short in the wires because honestly, I can't drive my car without my radio. please help me.


16th Oct 2004, 14:25

Dear Steven;

Thanks for your frank review of the 1995 Neon.

I have to admit, at times I have mixed feelings when it comes to having mine. All the problems that you have mentioned have rung true for me and I still have my Neon at a 165,000, miles.

Still, you are the first person to address the radio problem. I removed my fuse because I was afraid of an electrical fire. Can you tell me where the wires cross or where the problems lies. Thank You. DEN_RIV@msn.com.

20th Oct 2004, 21:38

On my dodge neon, I'm having the same radio problem. It plays one day and not the next. Most of the time on the l.c.d it just show one little green light and that's it. Should I get a new radio?


2nd Jun 2008, 17:49

I just bought my 95 Neon a couple weeks ago; no problems until a week ago; I was on the highway when my car lost power. It was still running but not driving the wheels.

A couple days later it died on the street. It wouldn't start back up. I took it to the garage in my small town and they said is was the fuel filter. After hooking a code reader to it, it said PO351. Something with the primary coil or something. Anyone got any ideas what the problem is?

Aaron aarill_2@hotmail.com

16th Sep 2008, 08:36

Man it sounds like you were driving my car! I bought a 97 Neon with a rebuilt engine. It ate gas like there was no tomorrow. I was getting less than 10 mpg. The rattling noise that I heard ended up being the catalytic convertor. shortly after that I had to replace the 02 sensors and the fuel pump. The new battery died for no reason. After dousing it with vinegar and baking soda I haven't had any trouble since. I had purchased champion spark plugs in the late spring. By July the car was chugging. After replacing them again with NGK V power the car goes like a mini rocket and gas mileage greatly improved with no loss of power going up hills. The front brakes went and the left front wheel caught fire. Both front wheel bearings were gone with a leak in the brake fluid. Now the next project is the suspension and shocks.. both shot! Good thing I also paid less than half the retail. I've sunk more into the car than I paid for it. I had purchased the car on a rebuilt engine with 200 km on the new engine. My odometor reads 340,000 k.. Can't wait to see what the winter brings. Cheers.

30th Nov 2009, 12:22

Just got a 95 Neon for $500 in rough body condition. The car does not wish to start when it rains, and it has the exact radio problem as listed by most above.

I guess if I put another $500 in for tune-up, brakes, etc. and get just five months, I've had wheels for $200 a month?

After having my last car, a '95 Cobra, stolen, it is hard to adjust. The Cobra needed about a grand of work, so had it sitting with no coverage as it was paid for. Some _ _ _ _ stole it. Now I start all over, broke with dreams of more Cobra's dancing in my head.

Bobby mrmagoo122@aol.com

30th Nov 2009, 18:27

I own a '95 Neon myself. Just yesterday it left me and my son stranded on the side of a busy highway in the middle of a pouring rain storm. It has never worked correctly and has required 2 transmissions and 3 headgaskets in the past 84,000 miles. This will be my last domestic vehicle. I'm going for another Honda.