1989 Dodge Omni 2.2 from North America


Surprisingly good value that was fun to drive


Head gasket at 210000.

Timing belt at 190000.

Headliner fabric fell down. I removed the fabric and painted the perforated press board.

Radiator at 150000 miles.

Front struts and rear shocks at 180000.

Some rust repair around the front pillars I did myself.

Some shift linkage problems.

General Comments:

This car ran great. With the standard transmission it was quick and got good fuel economy. It was wonderful in the snow (a big issue around here).

There were some repairs while I owned it, but it was far better than making car payments. Many of the repairs and maintenance items I could perform easily myself because the car was so easy to work on.

I sold it in 2001 because of my growing family. It never ate more than a litre of oil between changes. Secrets to long life were changing oil every 3000 miles, oil spraying body once a year and lubricating the shift linkage at least twice a year.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

7th Dec 2002, 21:20

What type of oil and sprayer do you use when oil spraying your car?

I have heard of oil spraying a car to prevent rust, but this practice isn't utilized much in the Illinois area. Any help would be appreciated.



Please email me phj426@hotmail.com.

17th Aug 2003, 22:44

I just purchased a 1987 Omni and the isolator broke in the shift linkage. I was wondering what kind of linkage problems you had and what you did to maintain the problem. Also, any other advice would be helpful. With only one full day of driving it, I really like the car and would like to continue driving it. Thank you for your time.


4th Jan 2004, 14:05

I recently bought a 1989 Dodge Omni, I know almost nothing about it. I have a few questions.

I believe it has a leak in the power steering fluid. Is this simple to fix? If so what is the easiest way to do so?

Also, I do not know when it last had the oil changed. I am guessing that I should change it just to be safe. What type of oil should I use? Is there a certain brand?

Is there anything else that I should do as far a maintenance? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.