1978 Dodge Pickup D200 Crewcab 225 slant 6 from UK and Ireland


Never regretted owning it for a minute


Wiper motor failed.

Radiator re-cored.

Transmission leak from a loose fitting.

Battery died.

Rear drive shaft universal joint failed.

General Comments:

I wanted something to take myself and a bunch of friends, and their kids and all the camping gear, to drag races and American car shows in England. It did all that I expected it to & more; the vinyl seats and bare metal floor made cleaning up after the kids (& adults) a breeze.

It gets marks for reliability mainly because there wasn't much to wrong in the first place. It was comfortable enough for a beat up no frills truck; again, I wasn't expecting much.

The slant 6 engine did a fair job of hauling all that weight around; cruising at 55mph was pleasant enough, any faster and it got noisy. 18mpg was more than I expected as well, and the transmission was as good as any I've owned.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th July, 2011