1993 Dodge Pickup 250 5.9L from North America


Solid, dependable work truck


Complete brake overhaul around 85K $$$

Radiator and hoses replaced around 90K.

Brake work required around 90K due to improper springs in the rear drums.

Tailgate trunnion rusted out around 90K and the other is beginning to go also, will require custom fabrication and welding to fix. (I am really hard on the tailgate, though!)

Power windows acting up around 95K, most of the time they work, but occasionally won't go up or down.

A little rust on the roof, was there when I got it, but it's getting worse.

General Comments:

This truck is 13 years old and solid. Apart from the normal wear and tear items, the truck has been well maintained and is super reliable and can haul or tow about anything I need it to. I work the truck hard every day and so far no complaints. Although the styling is dated, I would buy another one that was well taken care of.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th August, 2006