12th Aug 2001, 20:05

The Raider is a quality automobile. It should be treated more like a truck than a car, which is why it may not be suitable to your tastes. After driving a mustang, the transformation to a SUV is going to be a hard one. Most Raiders are very reliable, and should be considered a classic. I think you just got a lemon! Proper care and driving skills should make the Raider last more than 250,000 miles!

17th May 2002, 11:13

I have a Raider as well, I have never had very many problems with it it just eats oil and gas quicker than my Volkswagen Jetta, but I still take it up in the mountains and it handles awesome the paint job is still perfect and the interior is wonderful! But Dodge actually just imported the car for Mitsubishi. It actually is a Mistubishi Montero, before they were allowed to bring Sport Utility Vehicles in the states, But it's an overall awesome truck, Sorry to hear about your trouble.

26th May 2002, 18:31

Excuse me Sir, but next time you get on the internet and post a car survey I suggest you do some research. I own a 1987 Raider and currently it has 160,115 miles on it and it has no problems. It burns no oil and it runs just as good as the day it was driven off of the lot. And I have put that truck to hard work. One other thing you compare it to a Mustang. Hello Car vs. Suv. And another thing did you know Ford is considering recalling Mustangs from 1980 and up because of faulty fuel pump wiring. It looks like there may be another Pinto.

5th Jun 2002, 08:34

My Raider has nearly 150,000 miles on it - it's challenged as far as gas mileage goes, but what 4-wheel drive isn't? I recently replaced the clutch, and will have to be replacing the transmission within a year (it's making a noise like a card in the spokes of a bicycle wheel) - but: it's the most dependable vehicle I've ever owned. Sorry for your experience, but sell it for parts to someone who will appreciate it!

9th Sep 2002, 18:57

I own and 87 Dodge Raider that performs great. I just went over 100,000 miles, and it's still trucking. Due to improper treatment by a mechanic the head on my raider warped causing me to replace it, but that is the only problem I've had with the car. Raiders, in general are off road machines. Even stock they can handle a lot of trails. I love Raiders they are such great cars.

27th Nov 2002, 23:29

All I can say is that there is always 1 bad lemon in every bunch. I have an '87 Raider and have nothing but praise for it, both on and off road. It's a little heavy on gas, but that is to be expected from 147,000 Km or 100,000 miles.

13th Feb 2003, 08:47

I am writing to you again for help. I have an 88 Dodge Raider. I am looking for some information regarding the overdrive switch and transmission diagram or schematic. I cannot go faster than 55, because the RPM is already pushing 32000.

This vehicle was donated to our nonprofit organization a couple of years ago. Because of our funding, we do what we can. We help under-privileged, low-income students get a refurbished computer and school supplies. We travel around the Southern most part of Arizona. But at the present time, we can't take long trips and we don't have any other vehicle. Would you, PLEASE, be able to help us get the information about the transmission & overdrive switch, and what can be done to fix it. It just doesn't want to shift.

Your help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. You can email us at sawcb@comcast.net, or visit our website at www.sawcb.org. Thank you.

14th May 2003, 19:21

I have owned, a 89 raider for 4 years.. recently gave it to my son, who rolled it in a week.. (just on it's side) needless to say it is now in my driveway and he is driving a 91 Saab 9000s (mom bought him) I was going to junk it... but love it too much and want to rebuild it.. modify it..I'm curious what I can do to the motor.. as far as supping it up or putting a rebuilt in it.. it has 140,000 on it and burns about 1 qt every 1000-1500 miles.. any ideas for doing up the engine plz let me know... thanx Luke.

14th Dec 2003, 18:23

Can anybody please tell me why our Dodge raiders drink so much oil. I have an '87 with 196,000 miles and love it. It's time to get a rebuild, but was thinking of putting in the 3 liter instead of the 2.6. Does anybody know if it is interchangeable or what has to be done. Contact me at FORD4X4F350@hotmail.com.

30th Apr 2005, 11:55

The Dodge Raider is simply a reliable and easy to maintain SUV. I have had one (Mitsubishi Pajero, same as the Montero or Raider) overseas, and currently have two here in Canada. Just to mention one of many praises, even starts at under -30 without plugging it in to warm up and it's still going.. going & going at over 200,000 km. Anyone knows of where I can get hold of a list of interchangeable parts, would appreciate it if you could send me an email at ongpossible@gmail.com. Thanks, John

5th Dec 2005, 21:18

I have a 1989 dodge raider and it runs like a clock. The only problem is that its bad on gas and it dosen't do well in high wind. Its like a sail because of its box shape, but other than that I LOVE IT!! to death.

3rd Jan 2006, 13:08

I find it insulting that you compare such a reliable vehicle to a Ford. I have a Raider and the only thing that happened was the timing belt tore off due to a bad oil leak onto it; both of which we fixed ourselves. When we first bought the Raider, it also used lots of oil and smoked blue;Not Good! We replaced some seals, but actually we figured out that the previous owner never changed the air filter; It was so plugged with dirt that it was sucking oil past the pistons and burning it. With a new air filter, it doesn't smoke at all. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE YOUR RAIDER! Thanks.

28th Feb 2006, 21:42

We are the original owners of a 1989 Dodge Raider. Thus far, we have had no major problems beyond regular maintenance and have over 250,000 miles on the original engine. It has been a reliable vehicle which is probaly why we hold on to it. It is no longer our primary mode of transportation, but we can't seem to sell it off (we have had people come up to us unsolicited wanting to buy it). Other vehicles have come and gone, but our little red Raider has been the best of all.

11th Mar 2006, 21:36

I just recently came across a 1989 Dodge Raider and I love it. It seems to burn oil, but knowing the previous owner I know why... lack of maintenence. Now my new problem, I drove to work and when I went to leave for lunch it wouldn't start. I have power, everything comes on, but no start. I tried to push start it and no go.Ignition switch? Relay? Any Ideas???