1988 Dodge Ram 50 2.0 from North America


So far it's very easy to live with


The little truck was well worn when I bought her. Paid over 1k for her from a individual. The doors rattled, and it needed a tune up and a brake job.

I had the fluids changed in transmission and rear end, coolant, oil and a tune up. I'm getting around 27 MPG. Fixed the doors and installed a radio.

I really like this little truck. I drive about 65 to 70 on the highway, and 60 or less on back roads. I don't hot rod it, but I keep up or out of the way of traffic with no problems.

I haven't used any oil in my day to day driving. It does need shocks and will get a set with new tires soon.

The windows do rattle, but I've read on a forum where Mazda window rubbers taken from salvage yard donors will replace mine, so I assume Ford Rangers will work as well. I haven't found a parts source for restoration parts yet.

General Comments:

It is what it is, and I can't fault it at all. I have restored 50s and 60s American trucks and cars, and currently have a 63 Chevy Nova and a 71 Chevy truck. I find this little truck responds really well to just a little maintenance.

If you're looking for a small platform that's cheap on gas and tough as nails, this is it; it doesn't go fast, nor does it breath fire, but it doesn't need to stop at every gas station, and I've actually got a couple thumbs up from the mini truck crowd around town, and it's fun to shift through the gears too.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2015

1988 Dodge Ram 50 Sport 2.6 i4 from North America


My lifelong companion


The stock carburetor was absolute junk, but once replaced with the Weber conversion, no problems.

Rebuilt the engine at 375,000.

General Comments:

I bought this truck as my first truck, when I was 15. I have literally tried to destroy it, but I can't even hurt it! Every time I jump in, and turn the key, it starts right up, no exceptions. It has never broken down or left me stranded.

It's absolutely tiny, but has a crap load of room in the cab, and it's only a regular cab!

It handles like a sports car without the speed. I can take turns at 20 mph that most people have to slow down to 8 mph for. It's not too slow, though. I have gotten it up to 120 mph at one point, in Utah. I've never wrecked it, and never gotten a ticket in it either.

I absolutely love this trucklet! I have done everything in this truck, and it has been everywhere. My longest road trip was from northern Idaho down to Mexico, then out to Boston, then back to northern Idaho. The winters in Idaho are hard, but I have never gotten stuck! No rust either! well, other than a little surface rust.

I have hauled literally 3/4 of a ton with this truck, and got it up to 65 mph! The front tires didn't touch the ground much, but we got home.

I will never sell this truck. If it ever needs anything fixed, not likely, I will fix it.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2011

1988 Dodge Ram 350 350 V8 from North America


Reliable, tough, high-performance van


A/C Never worked.

Roof tried to cave in on several occasions (just by driving it).

Front passenger side brake piston would stick and overheat.

General Comments:

Excellent, reliable, simple van.

Raw power, great suspension, above par stability, and very cheap to maintain.

I had it for almost a year, and did nothing to it except add oil and gas, and drive it from Mississippi to Florida.

Great value for the money!! (US$300)

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Review Date: 5th December, 2010

1988 Dodge Ram 350 Campwagon School Bus 318cc gas V8 from North America


Versatility in bus form


Rear doors rusted off.

Sheet metal on passenger side exterior rusted through.

Oil pressure gauge developed a leak, spewing oil over the engine, transmission and drive shaft.

Rear U-joint shattered while travelling on a highway. This also caused the transmission casing to crack and leak out all the tranny fluid.

Master brake cylinder failed, making braking unpredictable at best.

General Comments:

This vehicle was used a school bus for ten years, and was sold at that time, as per Ontario laws. We bought it extremely cheap, so repairs, while somewhat common, were not a terrible hardship.

The van was built like a tank: heavy duty everything.

Performance was dismal, as to be expected. Acceleration was snail-like, and the top speed was 130km/h. Obviously performance is not a priority when building school busses.

Also, the vehicle was tossed around by the wind quite a lot. Again, not unexpected.

Comfort was fleeting, as we left the school bus seats in the vehicle. But the driver's seat was wonderful.

Visibility was excellent. The only blind spot was directly behind the vehicle, underneath the windows of the rear doors.

The ride is smooth, due to the heavy duty shocks and springs, provided the vehicle has at least 200lbs or so in it.

Cargo space is huge, again, because it's a school bus.

However, the engine loved to eat gas. The vehicle can only go about 250 miles or so before needing to be refilled.

But, overall, a pretty good vehicle for a large family, or a moving company.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005