1990 Dodge Ram Van 350 from North America


A money pit


32,286 miles: Air conditioner controls burnt through and had to be replaced.

59,492 miles: Head gasket blew. Two valves burnt and had to be replaced. Head was warped and had to be rebuilt. The dealer tried to refuse to cover it under the warranty (60,000 miles).

60,948 miles: Transmission failed.

72,480 miles: Radiator rusted through. This destroyed the water pump as well.

86,998 miles: Air conditioner failed.

108,000 miles: Electrical system failed. This includes speedometer, headlights, fan, radio, interior lights, turn signals and dash lights.

General Comments:

I am currently using the van primarily as a storage unit. I occasionally drive it during the day if I have plywood or some other large item to pick up or move.

I would like it noted that at about 59,000 miles, just prior to the warranty expiring, I took the van to two different Dodge dealerships and complained that the transmission was slipping. They both declared the transmission was fine.

When I had it towed in at just over 60,000 miles, the dealer refused to cover it under the warranty, because it expired at 60,000.

I think their failure to find the problem prior to the expiration of the warranty was deliberate. I will never buy a Dodge product again.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2001