2003 Dodge Ram SLT 5.7 Hemi from North America


Wish I had a time machine so I could leave this on the lot


Needed new rack and pinion unit at 72000.

New A/C blower fan at 72000.

Front axle seals leaking, needed new axle shaft at 72000.

New ball joints at 72000.

New parking brake assembly at 72000.

Transmission shudders under moderate acceleration at 72000.

Intermittent check engine light at 70000.

Rust at both rear wheel wells and tailgate.

Passenger window controls work intermittently.

General Comments:

This truck was used and great for a year after I bought it, but it has needed $2500 of work in the few months after that first year.

Looks great, sounds great, killing me in the wallet.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2010

2003 Dodge Ram SLT HEMI from North America


A truck that all people should have!


Nothing, except for the truck pulsates when driving down the road with only the rear window (s) down.

General Comments:

Amazing truck, with the only complaint being it has almost too much power. yesterday on the freeway I was doing about 60 and it was misty out, adn I went to pass someone, so I gunned it and the back end came loose, revving the engine up to almost red line. I fishtailed across the lane and almost into the center divider, and it was honestly scary, the ground was only damp from overnight mist. but it is fun on empty out-of-the-way streets where you can just stop and let it loose, its fun. the exhuast note is intoxicating.

Now, to the more real-life part. this truck tows my 7000lb trailer FAIRLY easily, but I can definately tell its there. is also very comfortable, heated suede seats, and a lot of other little things that add to its overall appeal and comfort. the ride is smooth for a truck, and on the mountain roads its solid and quiet. I average 10.6 mpg in mixed driving, which is low, but it is a truck.

One thing that does take away from it all, is that when I am driving down the road with only the back windows down, the truck seems to vibrate/pulse, and too the point where it hurts my ears. this goes away when I crack a front window. is this normal?

Off road it performs admirably, and I have yet to get stuck, but once again, sometimes the power is a bit much.

If anyone is looking for a solid, tough, powerful, and beautiful truck, I highly recommend this one.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2006

28th Dec 2006, 17:15

I don't think its the fact that the truck has too much power, its just the way the power is transfered to the rear end and the gear ratios.

It also doesn't help that the rear end is so light.

I had a similar occasion where I started to slide on the freeway in wet weather, and I'll agree, it's scary as for the wind noise, mine does it too, but no where near the level you are speaking of.

2003 Dodge Ram SLT quad cab long bed and opt. V8 from North America


The gas mileage is far from economy


Whats wrong with the truck? Well, I am now at the Point after only a few months of having to trade it in on a smaller truck. The reason this is so is because the truck is frankly a service station dream. with the average cost to fill it up ranging from 60 to 80 dollars. With a 35 gallon tank and having to fill up every 450 miles. Other than that I have had no problems what so ever.

General Comments:

I love this truck how ever It has come to the point in which I must trade it in.

The reason is because keeping it gassed up in this economy is a huge task.

My Truck is the SLT 4door long bed V8.

It is very comfortable and reliable. It could Sit 6 people comfortable.

In few months I have owned this truck I have gone on 2 round trips from TN to NY and one round trip from TN to NY with no problems what so ever.

The Problem. If you aren't a wealthy businessman then you might want to reconsider buying this truck. the cost for keeping the tank even somewhat filled is more a costly expense that I can afford.

If extreme cost for gas isn't a problem in your house hold I would strongly suggest this truck for its comfort, reliably, cargo capacity, and Room for the whole family.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

13th Dec 2003, 17:12

Hello. I have this same truck and I am in the process of trading it in for a smaller truck. I agree, it is a very nice truck, but it is costing me approx. 540.00 a month to keep gas in it. The 360 v8 is a very thirsty beast. I really would love to keep it, but I need better gas mileage.