2006 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L hemi from North America


Super strong, just be careful of the trans.


Not much has gone wrong. Selling because we are moving. It's been a great truck. The hemi is really strong. The weak link in all Dodges is their transmissions. I'm waiting for it to go out. Doesn't stop me. Getting another one as soon as we get moved!

General Comments:

Not much to say. It's a truck. Gets used as a truck. Getting a 3500 in a little bit. One of the strongest trucks in the industry. Has carried everything for me. Has lived really heavy loads for me. Rides stiff as expected. But that hemi... Good stuff, great sound, strong, reliable, hasn't leaked, always starts. No complaints.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2016

2006 Dodge Ram SRT 10 6 speed Viper V10 from North America


The Viper motor will annihilate the rear tires in first, second, and third, but it's very fun


Check engine light came on for a vacuum leak. Viper tech at Dodge dealership fixed it.

Minor creeks from plastic door panel on driver's side.

Driver side heated seat quit working.

It uses a quart of oil every 1000 miles, but this is normal for all Viper motors I've seen. It uses 10 quarts of Mobil 1 oil.

The Viper V10 valve train is really loud and ticky sounding, but all Viper motors sound like this, there is nothing wrong with the motor.

It sits too high in the back so I ordered a 2" lowering block kit for Dodge Dakota RT, because they don't make a lowering block kit for the SRT 10, because "normal Dodge Rams have the axle under the springs, but SRT 10 and Dakota RT are the opposite. It now sits level. Looks sweet now.

You need a Viper tech to work on the engine; not every Dodge dealership has a Viper tech on staff.

General Comments:

My 2006 Ram SRT 10 is Metallic Black with the 6 speed manual, regular cab short box. All crew cabs had automatics.

I love this Viper motor. I like to push in the clutch around 25 mph, blip the throttle, pop it out and floor it, and the truck "Leaps" forward violently. When I get on it in first, it'll fly, then powershift to second it will actually leave burn out marks in second as long as the ones I made in first.

It has a Dana 4.56 rear axle, which is necessary to turn the giant 22 inch wheels. I think 04's had 4.11 rear ends. 6th gear is still usable on the hwy to pass, but drop it to 3rd and rev the engine a little to keep it from engine braking, then floor it when you let out the clutch, and it'll burst forward and around the car you want to pass.

I have to say this is the most scary hot rod I've ever owned; it is absolutely out of control on launch. Second gear annihilates the rear tires. Slicks or drag radials are a good idea.

If you can keep it pointed straight, it's a phenomenal ride. I highly recommend it if you have no qualms about practicality and just enjoy its freakishness.

This SRT 10 has the optional U-Connect with voice recognition, blue tooth, and navigation. It connected to my cell phone fine, and I can talk through the cars speakers and mic easily. The U-Connect lady's voice is pleasant.

Don't worry about the truck being useful or it's poor gas mileage, just enjoy the "HotRod" that it is. I can get 15 mpg sometimes, but then I let it loose and it has dropped as low as 6 mpg. It has mpg calculator, compass, outside temp, and trip computer.

I love this truck.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2010

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT regular cab from North America


Our last American car for a while


Ongoing electrical problems, last dealer visit was 8 weeks long and the problem was not fixed.

The dashboard blinks on and off constantly while driving, so you can't see how much fuel you have or how fast you're driving; "out of gas" chimes and seatbelt alarms constantly bing on and off.

Computers, light switches and wiring harnesses have been fixed, grounding issues have been addressed, and it still does it. Due back in to the dealership next week - they just gave us the car back so they could stop paying for a loaner. They've disassembled and reassembled the dash, steering column, and front of the truck more than once, and it's not the same vehicle.

After that last service visit, the clutch is now makes noises, but that seems pretty minor.

General Comments:

The 4.7 liter engine is powerful enough for anything we need, and the space inside the cab is great, both for passengers and behind the seats.

It's the tallest vehicle I've ever owned, but doesn't feel tippy or unsafe; still a lot slower through curves than a sedan or something, but hey, it's a pickup. Visibility is great, even better with the tailgate off. The gas mileage isn't great, but I knew that when I bought it, and at least it takes regular and not premium.

Out of the 10 months I've owned it, it's been in the shop for two with electrical problems that they can't figure out.

The dealership is terrible, the people are rude and aggressive and don't return phone calls for days. I can't even sell it or trade it in until they fix it, and after 8 solid weeks of trying, I'm not optimistic about the next 8.

Lemon law is no recourse - I don't have years and thousands of dollars, and I can't get too pushy because Dodge dealers will just refuse to work on your car, so you have to drive 70 miles next time you need work.

The truck has been terrible, but the dealership could have made it better; if they'd found and fixed the problem within even the first 4 weeks, we'd feel differently. For now, we can't wait to get out from under it.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2008

2nd Jan 2009, 00:39

As they always have... Dodge sucks on quality... as always... Dodge sucks on resale value... as always Dodge continues to suck in the truck department.

2006 Dodge Ram SLT SPORT QUAD CAB 4X4 5.7 HEMI from North America


I could go on and on, this truck is the best!


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

After buying a used one, I decided a year later I wanted a brand new one with the exact options for me.

It's a HEMI, but the new Hemi does get better gas mileage unless you run 80 mph or more, then it's in the toilet. And don't forget, Premium for this baby only! But who cares, it's quick!

The new cloth interior looks like a polyester leisure suit out of the 70's (C'mon Dodge, you can do better than that!) so I opted for the leather. Beautiful! 2 tone gray with SPORT embroidered in the headrest and red top-stitching!

No easy in and out for short people like me so it needs nerf bars or running boards! (maybe it has something to do with those 20" chrome wheels??)

The factory sunroof is well finished and features one touch open and close. Got to have that!

The back seats fold up so be sure to add the fold down trays to protect your carpet. I leave my seats up all the time. Easy to load and unload out of the back doors.

The stereo controls on the steering wheel are wonderful.

Sirius is worth the money!

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2007

21st Nov 2007, 13:12

I have no idea how any Dodge could be the "best"! The top 10 worst cars and trucks of 2007 just made it's debut today and Dodge and Chrysler vehicles made the FIRST 5 out of 10. I owned a dodge once and NEVER will again. If you have no trouble from yours you are a LUCKY man.

15th Jun 2008, 22:40

I have ALWAYS owned Dodges. Never Had a problem with any of them. My wife Owned a Camry. THE WORST car we have ever had. We even had less problems with our 2002 Impala.