7th Apr 2001, 13:29

I have a 1997, 1500 Ram. I have over 70,000 miles on in and I have had no problems, and it has never been in the shop. I run it pretty hard, taking it off-road, pulling, and just over all, driving it pretty hard. It runs like a jewel and I have never modified it from it's original engine. I have been very pleased and hope to keep it for years to come.

10th Apr 2001, 02:49

I also own a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500. My problem is on my rear bumper the paint is peeling off. I had a small bump in the rear, but the paint was peeling already. I called Detroit, they said too bad. They would not pay for any repairs.

25th Apr 2001, 15:53

I have a 1997 Ram 4x4 Club cab S/B Sport with a 360 motor and auto tranny. It currently has 66k on it and is in the shop as I type this. I am very dissatisfied with the mechanical problems I have had...

1) Replaced the entire rear end.

2) Replaced an intake gasket.

3) Engine block freeze plug fell out (huh? that's what I said).

4) Front wheel seal replaced.

5) Shift cable loosened and was adjusted.

6) 4x4 won't disengage.

7) Transmission being rebuilt.

8) Trailer fuse blows every time I plug my trailer in and the dealer doesn't know how to fix it.

9) Tranny line recall.

Who knows what's next!!!

1st May 2001, 19:29

My husband and I have a 1998 Ram 2500 quad cab. I has just 70,000 km. on it and has the transmission completely rebuilt. The dealership, kept putting us off saying all transmissions worked this way. Finally when we were just over the Canadian warranty they agreed we had a problem. $2,900.00 later it is running and we are attempting to get this work paid for by Chrysler. This is the second Ram we have had... fortunately the 1st one we traded just a month before its transmission gave out. If you are having transmission problems get after the dealer and don't take no for an answer. I think our next truck will not be a Dodge!

11th May 2001, 16:40

I have a 98 Ram 1500 2wd. I ordered it with a 5 Speed standard (sounds like that was the right choice). The truck has 130,000km. It has gone into the dealership only once for a crank sensor.

I have just started having problems with it recently. It now needs pads, rotors, wheel bearings, ball joints (basically the whole front end). I would buy another, but make sure to get rid of it by 125,000.

21st May 2001, 06:37

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 4x4 and it already has problems, the transmission makes a noise in reverse. And the drive-shaft vibrates between 45-55 mph and the dealer said that nothing is wrong with it.

22nd May 2001, 15:06

I have a 94 Dodge Grand Caravan that was hopping on starts and eventually got stuck in 2nd gear. The dealer upgraded the flash several times. Each time it felt/ran better but would get worse in time. Finally had to put a used tranny in at 80K miles. I also have a 99 Dodge Ram. Needed a new transmission at 6K. Bought the extended warranty and just froze up the tranny again at 44K. No towing, no off-road. Can't Chrysler steal the diagrams from Chevy and re-engineer a decent transmission?

30th Jun 2001, 02:04

Here's just a note, Chrysler just designs and builds the vehicle. They are NOT in the repair business. They will do anything to bring the overall cost down for them only. Your best bet is to only use repair shops that can perform the maintenance certified by Dodge. They can and will use after market parts that will work better and longer. I am a designer and any company will reduce overhead for a higher profit. You can't blame the designer because our designs get shaved and changed to lower the company's cost. There are lots of people who have taken time to "fix" the problems that we see in vehicles. They work for after market companies.

2nd Jul 2001, 06:23

45,000 miles with no problems and wham!!

Transmission is gone and so are all my gauges. Driving down the road just fine... stop at a red light, go to take off and nothing. I'm not happy. After I get raped getting this thing fixed... it's off to buy a Tundra.

6th Jul 2001, 13:36

I have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x2. I have already had the lower ball joints replaced (I used after market ones with grease nipples), front wheel bearings, etc. In the rear end, it needs all new bearings (internal), suggested gears be replaced and rear wheel bearings. All this with less than 70,000 miles.

On the positive side, the 5 speed transmission seems to be holding up.

11th Jul 2001, 22:22

I own a 1997 Dodge Ram Extended Cab 1500 XLT.

At 54,000 miles the transmission quit. Dodge quoted almost $4000 to fix all the damage. I had it towed to AAMCO and asked to see it disassembled. Our evaluation showed that the factory had left out some pins that hold the small gears in the planetary gear. Without the pins, the shafts moved back and forth, and wore on the parts next to them. All of this metal caused it to fail. I am putting together a packet to mail to Dodge, and then on to small claims court if they don't respond. Twice I called their hotline and was basically treated badly. They told me that it didn't matter if they built it wrong, the warranty was out. I may never collect, but I will make it as painful as possible. I am at http://www.rjaerial.net if you have had similar problems. Just click on my e-mail.

21st Jul 2001, 12:03

I also have one of these pieces of trash. 1994 half ton.. I pay it off and a week later my 2nd tranny goes. It is now dead in my driveway and I drive a rental. At 65k the 1st tranny went, at 80k the engine went.. both replaced under warranty, but pretty costly warranty work..

My 1st year of ownership cost me 15k between payments and service.. the paint peeled off, and I got a free paint job.. I did get what I paid for, I'm still finding tape in strange places.. anyone know what would be a better replacement tranny?

Overall the truck is junk, but who can sell it knowing this.. I can't.. so it is my piece of junk.. I called, they didn't care.

If anyone has a way to sue them to at least replace the vehicles.. I dunno, I tried.. it's all documented.. I was told there was no way to win.


21st Jul 2001, 12:04

Oh yeah.. the rear end has been replaced twice.. no I don't tow.. the brakes went out towing a horse trailer.. I never towed with it again.


9th Sep 2001, 13:07

From Paranoid - The moral to this story seems to be, do not take your truck to the Dodge dealership under any circumstances. Even for so-called required maintenance. The mechanics are on a sub- contract for performed work. If they find nothing or "create" nothing wrong, then they are not making money. Like Drs. performing unnecessary surgery. They have to sell their services to make you think something is necessary and life threatening, when it is in most cases not. I never thought I would say anything like this, but I thinke the Government should watch this industry and make it a felony to defraud citizens in this manner. 5-20 for 0-$1000.00 rips and death by public hanging for insulting our intelligence.