1985 Dodge Ram Pickup D150 318 from North America


You'd have to drop a nuke on it to stop it


The carb leaked gas, but it was a untouched 2 barrel carb that had 200000 miles on it; I just rebuilt it and it fixed the problem.

This isn't the most gas efficient truck, not the way I drive it at least.

The heater box that's in the cab (usually by your feet) sometimes clogs up with leaves and dirt, and it will leak water onto the floor.

General Comments:

This truck is a tank on wheels, it really is. I go out mudding with my buddies, even though it's a one tire frier. You put guys in the back of it and weigh it down in the back, and it'll go anywhere.

The greatest part of this truck is that it has never broken down on me. All my buddies give me crap because it's an old patina truck, but every single one of their vehicles has broken down except mine.

My 85 Dodge has over 200000 miles on it, and I regularly take it through the mud at 6000 RPM, which is really hard on just about any stock engine (super cars don't count).

I put one hell of a loud dual exhaust system on, rebuilt the carb, put tall all terrain tires on, took the smog pump off, rebuilt the whole front end suspension from when I first got it, and put subs and a new interior in it.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2015

1985 Dodge Ram Pickup Extended Box 318 from North America


I don't want to ever give it up


It's rusted all along the sides where the chrome strips are attached. The fenders are rusted, the whole dang truck is rusty.

The springs in the back are off kilter so it sags a bit to the right side.

The diff went at about 280,000 so I replaced it (because I love this truck)

The tranny leaks oil and the head seal is warped so the oil leakage can't be fixed-I tried twice and now I just give her lots of oil.

It guzzles transmission fluid and there is a little power steering guzzling going on as well.

I've replaced the alternator, head gasket, front and rear diff, rebuilt the engine at around the same time as I was doing the diff-may as well since it was in pieces.

The muffler just rusted through and fell off but I fixed it.

General Comments:

Comfortable, reliable, easy to fix and find parts.

Anyone can work on this truck.

Gets great gas mileage for a big pick up and that 318 engine is so reliable that, as ugly as my truck is, I don't want to give it up.

I love it. Also I am a lady and when I say that anyone can work on this truck I mean I've done a lot of the work myself. Not the diff and the engine rebuild, but stuff like tune ups, oil changes, wiring the muffler back on until I can get it fixed properly, the alternator, you name it. There is nothing but room under the hood.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008