2012 Dodge Ram Pickup Big Horn 5.7L Hemi from North America


Glad I went with the Ram


Nothing has gone wrong yet. First oil change and tire rotation was at 3500 miles. Service performed at dealer and using online coupons, total cost was around $40.

General Comments:

The power and torque of the Hemi engine (390 HP and 407 lb-ft) are great and are well suited to this truck. You need a lot of torque to move a 5200 lb vehicle and the Hemi has it.

However if you drive this truck with a lead foot, don't be surprised to see 10 (or less) MPG in city traffic. Driven carefully, I get between 11-13 MPG in town and have gotten 21.5 MPG on the highway. Full sized pickups are not known for fuel economy, but I think that Dodge has done a good job with VVT, MDS and overdrive to squeeze some fuel economy out of this truck.

Aside from the Hemi, I also like the Rambox storage system. I store items like tools, ropes, tarps and and tie-downs in the Ramboxes. This is stuff that I would usually have to stow somewhere in the cab, but with the Ramboxes, all that clutter is stored outside of the cab.

The interior is very comfortable and the seats have good support. The "fold-flat floor" in my Quad cab is really handy because it creates a flat surface in the rear of the cab to carry cargo on. Much better than placing cargo on the rear seats and possibly damaging them.

Negatives about the interior are: door panels are mostly hard plastic. I've also heard that some older Rams had problems with the dashboard cover cracking, so I'll probably look around for a dash cover.

Handling is very good for a truck this size, and the ride is good even over potholes and speed bumps. My F-150 had a bouncy ride with an empty bed, but the Ram has a smooth ride without anything in the bed.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2013