1990 Dodge Spirit ES 2.5 turbo from North America


She's my baby and I treat her as such


In the last 14 years of ownership, I have replaced the gas tank, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. All three were changed after 175,000 miles. The gas tank rusted out at the seal so of course that needed to go. Gas mileage was at about 16 miles to the gallon so had the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter were replaced and mileage went up to 38 miles to the gallon.

General Comments:

When I bought the car brand new in 1990 my mileage was 50 miles to the gallon and after 14 years I truly believe that 38 miles to the gallon is awesome.

It is a 5 speed manual and I can run the gears and be doing 60 miles to the gallon in no time flat.

Lots of leg room in the front and the back. I can easily and comfortably fit 4 people that are 6 feet tall.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2004

2nd Apr 2004, 09:48

This writer is either lying about the gas mileage or ALL his driving is downhill. 60 miles to the gallon indeed! Even the current Toyota and Honda hybrids don't get that kind of mpg-- and we are to believe that he is getting it with a 14 year old Spirit?

5th Feb 2005, 20:04

The mileage claims stated here are VERY hard to swallow, my 1990 spirit 2.5 auto struggles to average 23mpg, with low miles, and in perfect mechanical order... however, your results may vary...

1990 Dodge Spirit 2.5L from North America


A good student car!


Replaced total front and rear brakes.

Washer lines and reservoirs leak and do not work correctly.

Odometer and trip odometer stoppped suddenly around 112,300 miles, then started working again until it finally stopped at 112,750 miles.

Flasher, horn do not work. I replaced fuses and relays and they still don't work.

Headlight switch has been replaced twice and I have had the car less than a year.

General Comments:

The ride is smooth and comfortable for a now nearly fourteen year-old car.

The car gets good mileage on the freeways, but in stop and go traffic this is a guzzler unless you want to add a bottle of gas treatment each and every fill-up.

Original paint is barely rusted though it's been through several harsh northern Ohio winters. Interior seems to keep well too. No major defects and seats, upholstery, etc are in great condition.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

1990 Dodge Spirit 2.5 Gasoline from North America


Reliable, a good first car, as long as you do regular maintenance


When I got the car, it had a small exhaust leak, but I didn't fix it until later, when it got much worse. It cost me about $60 for the new muffler.

The paint on this car is chipping really fast. However, after 2 winters and numerous dirt roads in the summer and winter, the primer has yet to rust, I think that this is quite good!

There was a small coolant leak, but this was fixed by simply putting in some Stop-Leak fluid.

It still leaks a very small amount of oil.

A/C needs to be recharged.

General Comments:

The car is really slow, the 0-60 time we measured at about 15 seconds!

It is very reliable, it always starts, runs fine, and heats great!

The AC needs to be recharged, but I haven't felt like spending the money on it.

It has plenty of room, in the front and the back, fairly comfortable.

The stereo, is the highest end on for that year, sounds great still.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003